75-year-old Pensioner Puts Up Posters Appealing For Friends After His Wife’s Death

Spouse is the only companion that walks you through adulthood to old age. But life after the death of the spouse is filled with loneliness and grief. The loneliness further aggravates when a person does not have friends or family around. This 75-year-old pensioner puts up posters appealing for friends to combat loneliness after his wife’s death.

75-year-old Tony Williams has no children and lost his wife in May 2020. Following his wife’s death, he has been spending days without speaking to anyone and staying indoors. The retired physicist waits for the phone to ring but it never does.

Without having anyone for company, he decided to put up an advertisement in the local paper looking for some friends but to his bad luck, he didn’t receive any reply.

But Tony did not give up and got some business cards printed so that he can hand them out while he is in the supermarket or out for a walk but despite his efforts, he did not get any callbacks.

Despite not getting any response, he continued to find a way to make new friends and placed a poster in his window hoping that it catches the eye of someone who might like to be his friend.


He said, “It’s my last resort. I’ve tried everything to make friends, but it feels like nobody wants to talk to me. Not very many people pass my house, but I was hoping it would spread around the community, and someone might reach out.”

He revealed that his wife was his best friend and he shared a lovely life with her and now that his wife had died, he has nobody and is all by himself.

All he wants is for someone to see the poster and call him up. He just wants to have a nice conversation so that he doesn’t have to sit in silence all day long.

He is not looking for someone to give him a shoulder to cry on, all he wants is to have someone whom he can chat to about anything or anybody.

Tony met his wife more than 35 years ago and shared a loving and harmonious relationship with her. According to him, his relationship was always natural. They had no secrets and they could be totally open with each other.

In his words, “Back in Kempley, we both used to get in every evening from work and cook together – with me doing one job and her another – then we’d put it together at the end. Sometimes we’d spend hours cooking, laughing, and listening to music together – it was the highlight of our day.”

Then the couple decided to move to East Hampshire in 2019 so that his wife Jo could be nearer to her sister Beryl, but unfortunately, Jo was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2020 and died just 9 days later.

Tony now feels completely alone in the house where his lovely wife spent her dying days. Every time he walks into the room, the first thing he does is look at his wife’s photograph.

His neighbors have offered help to him but he is looking for friends of his age to help him pass the time.
After having no reply from newspaper adverts and business cards he put up a sign that reads, “I have lost Jo, my lovely wife, and soul mate. I have no friends and nobody to talk to. I find the unremitting silence 24 hours a day unbearable torture. Can nobody help me?”