Company Announces A New Benefit For Its Employees, Offers Them $300 For Pet Adoption

When it’s been a long day of working, there is nothing better than having a furry friend by our side as we lie down on the couch and catch up on our favorite shows. Having a pet is like having a best friend waiting for you patiently at the end of the day. This company understands those emotions quite well as they offer $300 for pet adoption to their employees. Yes, that’s a real deal!

Who doesn’t like some cuddles with a little furry creature when talking to humans has been exhausting? Even the imagination is relieving! The animal-lovers know the liveliness that a furry friend brings home. How soothing it is to pet an animal while it sleeps!

The Texas insurance company definitely knew about these magical powers of a pet. They decided to offer an amazing deal to their employees. It is probably the best announcement for any animal lover! This company presented a new benefit wherein the employees would receive a generous stipend to adopt a new pet.

The Zebra, an insurance firm, has announced that they will cover “$300 annually for employees welcoming a new cat or dog into their family,” according to their website. We guess Christmas came early this year with such an exciting present under the tree!

They didn’t conclude the offer here. There was more to the package apart from this huge stipend for animal adoption. The company told the employees to utilize their “pawternity” leave policy “to get acquainted with their new pet”.

“I know this kind of companionship can make a huge difference in quality of life,” shared Keith Melnick, CEO of Zebra. He expressed his concern about the people working in isolation at homes due to the lockdown and the worst consequences being all alone.

Maribeliz Ortiz, Zebra’s quality-assurance coordinator was elated by this new deal offered by the firm. “It feels really nice to be supported by my company to help start a family in the way I can right now,” Ortiz said and adopted a little long-haired dachshund named Niko.

The employees jumped to the opportunity of bringing a furry friend home for a pleasant company. Dan Kujanek, the senior manager always dreamed to have a second dog. This stipend just came at the right time. He adopted a shepherd mix, Romy after his eyes met this pooch at a local shelter.

This “pawsome” offer by the company has definitely added joy to many homes. It has given the employees a cheerful companion to pet when extended screen-time has made them all weary and tired.