Eccentric Decor By Owner Made £250,000 Cottage Non-Marketable

A 61-year-old potter Mary Rose Young, who owns a cottage in Lydney, Gloucestershire has been self-decorating the property for thirty years. The years of uncommon décor by her have made the cottage undesirable for all the likely purchasers. The unique artist has successfully turned the cottage into a ‘life-size dolls house’. She purchased the property in 1987 for £30,000.

The cottage was out for sale in 2014 and the property dealers had a viewpoint that the cottage would yield her a minimum of £250,000 from the purchasers. With the money which she expected from the sale of the cottage, she wished to start a boutique hotel close by. Contrary to what she hoped for, only one person was inveigled to see the cottage. Mary said the viewers made off instantaneously.

Though the unique decoration has made the cottage unmarketable, Mary still refuses to color over the wall which she has furbished herself over the years. Sometimes she also uses the place for work or as a display gallery. Mary and her husband Phil Butcher do not regret the efforts which Mary has put all through her life to beautify the place in a unique way and ironically made it unsellable.

Mary thinks that the playhouse look of the cottage has rendered it undesirable by the purchasers and the couple themselves lives there like children. Her fondness towards her home increases as she gets older even when no one shows keenness in buying it. Since the house has been up for sale only a single person had come to see it and Mary shared that the person left eagerly and saw the cottage only out of sheer peculiarity.

Mary is fond of colors, which is evitable from her pink hair. As she was unsuccessful to sell the cottage, it shattered her dream of starting the boutique hotel. Since then she has done her best to earmark her ideas on the cottage, transforming the yard into a vivid pink painting atelier.

Mary is so habitual living in the house that the color scheme never made her uncomfortable. Due to the lack of natural light in the house, Mary had originally painted the entire house white. When the effort didn’t work for her, she designed the wall with patterns. She was stimulated to do so from her pottery on the walls.

She is so mesmerized experimenting with the colors on her walls that she sometimes forgets to give time to her pottery business. She also included her pottery work in decorating her house like using the pottery chandelier in the living room, pottery tiles in the bathroom, and much more.

Mary has a viewpoint, “Lots of people are self-conscious and don’t say much when they see the decoration, but the right reaction is to laugh and go ‘oh wow’. It should make you feel like a child walking into a sweet shop. I want people to feel like adults can have fun too.”

Mary admires her works and never wishes to turn it all around into the original look just to make it sellable.