Man Found Out His $349 Rolex Watch Is Worth More Than $400,000

A veteran collapsed after finding out the price of his Rolex that he is never worn. The veteran had purchased a Rolex four decades ago for some hundred dollars but now the watch is worth more than $400,000. After knowing the current price, the Air Force veteran could not believe it and collapsed after knowing the price.

Air Force veteran purchased a silver Rolex Oyster Cosmograph when he was stationed in Thailand in 1971 for $349 but never got a chance to wear it. He brought the watch to an Antique Roadshow from an appraiser, Peter Planes and got to know the real worth of the watch on his show. The unidentified man told Planes in the show that he brought the watch because he saw many airline pilots wearing a watch.

He didn’t know about all the features of the watch since he just wanted to buy one because of many other pilots wearing one. It was until he was transferred to another base where scuba diving was necessary he got to know that the watch was waterproof and even the salty water couldn’t do anything to the watch. It is then that he decided to invest in the watch and go with the hefty purchase.

He ordered the watch from the military base exchange for $345.97 and got a discount of 10% in November 1974. At that time, it was a huge amount because the monthly salaries used to be in the range of $300-$400. He received the watch in April 1975 but could not bring himself to wear it. He shared “I found this particular watch where I could afford it and I never used it. “I looked at it, and I said, ‘This is too nice to take down in salty water.’ I just kept it.”

Over 30-40 years he never once wore the watch but just used to look at it from time to time. He kept the guarantee paper, receipt and original documents with the watch in the original box of the watch. Planes in his told the man that the watch must be worth more than $400,000 because it has some part on it which has ‘Oyster’ written on it. And it is a very important detail of the watch also since it is an antique.

The same watch was worn by Paul Newman in his movie Winning in 1969 and this makes the watch even more special. After hearing the price of the watch the man could not believe his ears and collapsed on the show sitting next to Planes. Planes continued to explain that “Because of the condition of it — basically, it’s a new old stock watch, no wear on it, the original foil sticker on the back on it, and the fact that we have all this complete documentation here, also, maybe one of the very few in the whole world that still was never worn — your watch, at auction, today, $500,000 to $700,000.”

Planes told the man that if he decides to wear the watch now it might decrease its value and he might not get its worth. But if he does not want to sell it he can wear it anytime he wants to. Planes proudly stated that “In this condition, I don’t think there’s a better one in the world.”