Man Stunned With The Finding Of £100,000 Worth Silver Coins

Luke Mahoney was fascinated when he found more than 1,000 silver coins that were of the war era. He found those in his local pub which was owned by his friend and his dad. Nonetheless, the level of his excitement was limitless and he was astonished. This was his hard work and belief that was paid off.

Luke Mahoney, 40, is a metal detectorist. He has been searching for valuable metals for the last ten years. This was his passion to search for these metals which lead him to this awesome finding.

Luke owns a metal detector shop as well. The name of his shop is ‘Joan Allen Electrics’ which is in his hometown Lindsey, Suffolk. He lives there with his wife and three children. The detector which helped him in his big finding behind Lindsey Rose Pub was his very own banked on minilab Equinox 800 detector.

Luke’s friends Matt Brown and Dan Hunt helped him in searching the area. They took permission from Charles Buckle and his dad who are the owners of the pub. They started searching the area from 10 in the morning.

It was not until the next afternoon that Luke achieved any success. The person he called after getting those coins was Charles. But as Charles was aware of how Luke’s behavior about getting excited about littlest finding he ignored him for a while. But after continuous calls and messages, he was bound to come. After seeing the artifacts, he was also amused.

Luke found one gold coin and a little sixpence in the morning. Post lunch, the time was quite successful for them. They got a signal after signal directing them towards the coins. And this is how they found over 1000 silver war era coins.

The coins era in one of the earthen pots was broken due to the recent cropping and plowing of the field. It was covered with mud. The feeling of removing the mud and seeing the coins was unexplainable for Luke.

As soon as he found those coins, he called the local liaison officer and coroner to let them know about the finding. The historians found about the era to which those coins belong. The Niger Mills determined the value of the coins.

It was found that the coins belong to the 15th-17th century. It might have been buried by a wealthy landowner who had gone for the war. The most recent coin among them was an Elizabeth I Shilling. This particular coin was minted in the year between 1573-1578.

Luke was conscious of nighthawks who may come to rob them. Nighthawks are their rival detectorists. Luke and his friends were so paranoid that they didn’t sleep for more than three days. They kept their eyes open and kept their watch on.

The nighthawks came after that indeed. But the luck was not in their favor. As per Luke, he knew that they wouldn’t find anything because they were not using the minelab Detector. Luke trusts Equinox 800 so much that he would never give up on it. Luke even urged people to follow his passion.

The vice-president of global marketing from Minelab offered every kind of help that they could give to Luke. They believed in Luke and knew that he was up to something big.