Mom Refused To Let Grandma Meet Baby Until She Stopped Calling It A Terrorist Name

Naming a child could be considered a big decision and parents spend months over it, parents usually decide their child’s name even before they are born. They would be disappointed if someone refuses to accept their decision. A mother refused to let her child’s grandma meet him because his grandmother says his name is similar to a terrorist.

Some people can afford to live in denial rather than accepting reality. And this, Grandmother also did the same, she chose not to accept her Grandson’s name because she did not like it and she also gave a daft reason for not accepting it. According to her it apparently sounded like a terrorist’s name. The child’s mom shared her story on one of the social media sites. She wrote, that she found out she was pregnant while she was in senior year and was just 22 years old.

Though the couple didn’t plan the baby, still they willingly embraced the journey of parenthood. She anyhow completed the senior year and moved back to her home. Her boyfriend also had to go back to his hometown owing to the pandemic. Both of them shifted and found a job in their respective hometowns. The Boyfriend has managed to spend every weekend with his child and girlfriend ever since they shifted back.

The child couldn’t meet his paternal side for quite a while because they were apprehensive of get-togethers amidst a pandemic. So, on Thanksgiving, the child’s father decided to visit his mother and subsequently found out that she has told her friends that her Grandson’s name is ‘Kyle’. Hearing her, he asked her mother that why she has been lying to her friends.

To which she answered that she didn’t want her friends to think that her Grandson’s name is similar to a terrorist’s name. The child’s mom told her boyfriend that she won’t let their child meet his mother till she accepts his name. He felt that his mother should not be treated in such away. He disagreed with his girlfriend’s decision and felt that her mother should not be treated so ruthlessly.

She further wrote that; she has been overlooking the fact that her grandson is half black. Her boyfriend refuted all her claims and asked her not to turn trivial family issues into racial discrimination.

People read her story and commented that her boyfriend was absolutely wrong to refute her claims. Someone commented saying that her decision was correct and she shouldn’t even think twice about it. They said that her boyfriend’s mother seems to be a terrible person and she should keep her child away from her. Surprisingly there were few people who agreed to the grandma’s opinion and said that she was merely being worried and her actions are justified.

A mother would never put her child in a situation that would trouble him eventually. People around the parents should support their decision and should try to contribute positively to their child’s growth rather than bothering them with such issues.