Mother transformed filthy staircase in 4 easy steps With Just £4

No one would deny that mothers have a solution for everything. And their cleaning skills are certainly unmatchable. They just have their ways to restore things. Like this mum, she cleaned a super dirty carpet that was laid on her staircase in mere four steps and it didn’t even cost her much.

Rugs and carpets do get mucky, especially if those carpets and rugs are of light color. They would lose their charm much faster than dark-colored rugs and carpets. And then people think instead of washing or getting them dry cleaned they would rather purchase a new one. At home, mothers usually tell their children that they should not step on the carpets with their dirty boots, and the children consider their instruction to be frivolous. Not realizing how difficult it would be to eventually clean that greasy dirty carpet.

Dirty carpets are intolerable and moreover, they would be extremely unhygienic. People should try to get them cleaned or they could otherwise change them. This mother had the same problem she could not bear with her staircase’s dirty carpet and ergo, she decided to clean it herself. She researched a lot on how she could clean it and restore it to its original self. She shared her cleaning process online and wrote. That the stairs in her house used to get a lot of traffic and her kids used to run, up and down the stairs all the time. And as anticipated the carpet got dirtier day by day. Therefore, she thought that before she would reach out to a professional cleaner, she should try to clean the carpet herself.


She further wrote that she chose two products to clean the carpet. And she just had to spend £4 on those cleaning products. Then she sprayed one of the products on the carpet and waited 10 mins for it to settle in. Then she sprayed the other cleaning product and waited for another 20 mins for it to settle in. Thereafter, she scrubbed the carpet with warm water and a hard brush. She kept scrubbing the carpet until she was able to see its original color.

She wrote that it hardly took an hour for her to clean the carpet and it was economically feasible too because one wouldn’t have to the payload of bucks to the professional cleaner. People were quite impressed to see the carpet’s transformation. They were amazed at her conviction. Someone commented on her post that it looked like a lot of hard work was but kudos to her for pulling the whole process off.

Another individual commented that they hope her family would be considerate of her hard work and remove their shoes and dirty socks before stepping up on those stairs. She showed everyone that one could do these things at home and they shouldn’t spend money on hiring professional cleaners. And everyone should be considerate about not ruining and spoiling that their mothers have tidied up because just like this lady did it requires a lot of research and effort.