She Is A Virtual Model And Her Looks Are Unbelievable

With the advancements taking place so quickly, we are not too far away from a world ruled by robots. If you don’t believe us, you need to know about this Japanese virtual model, Imma who has become a popular face in the fashion industry!

Imagine watching a model walking the ramp in the stunning outfit and later realizing that the model wasn’t “real”! You have been watching a virtual model. We will reach this time soon, in fact, we are almost there.

CG Company ModelingCafe has created Imma, a virtual model and even if you look very closely, you won’t be able to tell that she is not human. The creation is amazing!

This Japanese model has a significant meaning behind her name as “ima” means “now” in Japanese. She stays true to her name as she has all the elements that reveal the present!

Imma has gained a lot of recognition as she appeared on the cover of CGWorld magazine. She can be easily compared to any real model. Her features are realistic in every way.

Apart from being featured in the magazines, she is also ruling the world of social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are impressive! She has a huge following already. She wrote, “I’m interested in Japanese culture and film, movie. I want to attract humans to the fashion show.”

She poses gracefully in every picture and has all the qualities of a fashion model. The details of her pictures are incredible. They use a 3D animated head that is put over a “lifelike” body and capture her in front of an authentic backdrop.

Her features are human-like including her hair and skin. Her pink hair is attractive and looks so real. The internet is already taken over by such virtual models. We are waiting to see what lies ahead for our world!