Snooze To Not Lose Memories, Study Claims

A study by researchers from California has found that sleep disorder and deficiency can efface the old memories and innervate the memory power. The memory points have widened the platter of the ramifications of deficient sleep pattern. Thus, the result has empowered the case for a good night’s sleep of 6 to 9 hours for better physical and mental performance.

Sleep has always popped at the top of the chart, listing the elements of a healthy lifestyle. Medical experts have back and again pressed for a good night sleep pattern to cut obesity, cardiovascular risks, etc. Thus, one can find health journal in spate with the articles expatiating on the merits of healthy sleep patterns. Adding to that, a recent study by researchers from California has come with the effect of sleep on memory power.

Taking the research ahead for a new milestone, the researchers have explored the effects of healthy sleep pattern on the memory power. After putting in their consistent efforts, they finally came up with some stunning results.

According to their study, deficient sleep pattern can inhibit the memory power of a person. Not just that, it can make one forget the old chuckling memories. The new ones go ahead to efface the old ones and leave individuals in a lurch. Also, the new memories could not retain their position for a long time. They leave a momentary imprint on the brain. Moreover, this can hamper the learning process for an individual as one need to toil hard to grab the roots back.

Thus, to protect the significant bits and moments in the memory lanes, one need to embrace a balanced good night sleep of 6 to 9 hours. The sleep pattern can go a long way in bolstering the memory power of individuals in the world where there is too much to remember. In present times, it is not a rare sight to see individuals often having essentials slipping out of their minds time and again. The growing cases of memory loss, hence, put up the exigency of sleep of 6 to 9 hours per night per day.

Shedding light on the momentous result and salience of healthy sleep pattern, the lead author of the study- Maksim Bazhenov (a professor at the University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine) shared, “We learn many new things on a daily basis and those memories compete with old memories”. The competition between memories gives way to memory loss.

Thus, the case for good sleep has again shimmered in the brightest hues. It provides a way ahead for the souls toiling hard to lower down their stress levels and diminishing memory power. A way to healthy living starts with the adoption of suitable and desirable sleep patterns. One should always remember that the darkness of the night calls for the retardation of the brainy activities to give a head start to a beautiful and energetic day, waiting on the other side.

So sleep well to retain well!