Teen Raised $14,000 To Help Senior Dogs Find Homes

A girl named Meena Kumar is a teenager. Ever since she was a toddler, she loved to pet dogs. She enjoyed teaching them pup tricks. This 14-year-old girl created her own company to support a rescue organization working relentlessly to find homes for dogs. She has by far raised $14,000 to help senior dogs get into forever homes!

Meena Kumar was born in India. After being an orphan for about one year, she was adopted by her foster parents. She is now a resident of San Jose, California. She was very fond of dogs ever since she was a child. She adopted her first dog, Bambie, when she was an 8 years old child. Once she visited a Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. It is an organization in San Francisco which whole-heartedly works with the purpose of providing shelter and finding forever homes for senior dogs. This is where Meena started adoring canines.

Meena was very young to volunteer for the organization at the time. So she decided to support the organization by establishing her own company naming Pet Fairy Services. With this company, she aimed to instruct dogs on how to walk and provide a boarding place as well. All that she gained from this was directly donated to the rescue. Not only this, a matching donation from her father’s company was all contributed. Till now, she has managed to donate a handsome amount of more than $14,000 to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Sherri Franklin was the founder of the shelter. She raised her voice saying that all the funds were used for saving dogs’ lives. She even appreciated Meena’s efforts. Complimenting her, she exclaimed that only $1000 was needed to help rescue a couple of dogs, imagine how far Meena’s contribution would have helped their organization. In return, Meena showed gratitude when she got to know that she saved so many lives. She was extremely happy with the fact that because of her, many dogs were enjoying their life today.

Meena believes that every dog should get a home just like she got one! For that matter, Meena’s mom also enjoys petting neighbor dogs as she was truly inspired by her daughter’s good deeds. Meena loved to arrange treasure hunt games for the pups. She use to hide treats for them and rewarded them when they found the same! How cute is this! This arose tremendous love for animals by the duo. From loving animals in general to supporting dogs in finding forever homes, Meena feels grateful for this entire journey.

Today, Meena works for a pet supplement company named as “Pebble Naturals”. In order to raise funds, if anyone of us purchases products from the said company’s website and use the code “MEENA”, the entire 100% amount shall be donated to her campaign. Isn’t that great? She is truly an inspiration for all of us. May she always keep up with her incredible work. This way more and more dogs will be saved and will get a chance to live in a forever home!