Twin Refuses To Be Best Man To Brother Who Is Marrying His Ex-Girlfriend

In an interesting incident, a 21 year old man refused to be his brother’s best man at his wedding when he discovered that his brother is marrying his ex-girlfriend whom he dated five years back. The brothers are identical twins and are in a debate as to who is right in the situation. He shared the story online and people had distinct views on the same.

It is one of the worst feelings to see your ex after many years of breakup. The feelings get worse when you get to know the ex you have been trying to avoid is involved with your sibling. In a similar incident a 21 year old man had the most weird and unwanted encounter with his ex-girlfriend. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, discovered his twin brother has been dating his ex-girlfriend.

The 21 year old man dated a girl at the age of 16 and their relationship continued for two years. The girl was very well accustomed and involved with the man’s family. To avoid long distance relationship, they split as the man was leaving the town for college. It was difficult as the families were involved but the man didn’t want to stay local. The girl whom he had been dating continued to live in the town they were residing.

After first year of college the man came home from university to meet his family. The man’s twin brother surprised him with news that he had been dating a girl for over six months. The twin brother also revealed to him that the problem was that it was his brother’s ex whom he dated five years ago. The man got very angry.

The man was very pissed with his brother for dating his ex-girlfriend but they salvaged their relation on the terms that the three would never mingle together. The twin brother wanted to continue his relationship and had no plans to breakup with the girl. The 21 year old made it absolutely clear to his brother that the relationship can continue but he would never interact with the girl and she would never be the center of topic of their conversation.

Recently things took a turn when the twin brother informed the 21 year old man that he is engaged to the same girl. He also asked his brother to be the best man. The 21 year old man totally disagreed to it and reminded his brother of the previous deal they made that he would never meet the girl in any way through his brother. Their parents thought that the 21 year old man was being selfish and he could keep his feelings aside for one night to be the best man.

The man was however not at all comfortable in being a groomsman at his ex’s wedding. When he shared this online, mostly people supported him and appreciated him for coming to the agreement. One user was of the view that it wasn’t good to date your siblings ex. Another said that the twin brother should not even accept a yes for being the groomsman from him. Some people were also of the view that he should move forward and forget the past.