Vacation Has A Different Meaning For Moms And It’s High Time Husbands Realize That

As little kids, we all waited eagerly for that time of the year and by “that time” we mean the family vacation, of course! But one person who was excited but equally stressed was our mom. We did not realize it then but now as we get older, this is one of the many realizations that has happened.

There is only one and only one purpose for families to go on a vacation at least once a year and that is to relax and unwind. But have you ever thought about what all goes behind-the-scenes of this vacation? If your answer is no, then we urge you to give it a thought and we are here to help you with that!

When you were busy telling your friends about your upcoming vacation which is actually called flaunting (we have all done that as kids, it’s alright!), your moms were planning that vacation and planning is a big word here. It involves various things, apart from the basic stuff like bookings and packings.

We were able to relax on those beaches only because our moms had planned everything perfectly. The two big P’s of vacation – Plan and Pack are followed by another P which is Panic and most of the times, these P’s land in the pocket of a mother.

The plan involves deciding a place which would be liked by everyone and believe us, it is a task! You just don’t need to pick a place, you need to know all about the surroundings and if they are favorable to all. It’s like finding a home in a new city for just one week. Do you now realize the extent to which moms go for vacations?

Amidst all this planning (and chaos), where are the dads? We’ll tell you where they are. They are lazy-ing around and not even ready to pack their own bags. They just love delaying the process and leaving it all for the last moment. When the last moment arrives, they begin with the packing and suddenly they can’t find their own socks! Who comes to their rescue? Their wives, of course.

So, moms pack for their kids, for the dad which leaves them with no time to pack for themselves. All this has happened and vacation has not even started. The journey is equally hectic for the mothers and when the destination is reached, everyone is happy and the credit goes to the moms.

When everyone is enjoying, playing and relaxing, not exactly in this order, moms are the ones who are overlooking their kids and taking care of the little things that we can’t even imagine. Dads have made a permanent home on the couch for the next few days. Kids have found a new place to run and play around. Moms need a glass of wine after just a few hours to keep everything under control and they are great at doing that.

The vacation week comes to an end with some amazing memories created and moms just feel happy by seeing the big smile on the kids’ faces after a fun trip. They feel that all the planning (and panic) was worth it. It would just be a little easier if dads step in more in the pre-vacation phase. That’s what moms feel!