Woman Found A $1 That Was Worth $3000

A woman named Tanya astonished the world sitting on pennies by posting the picture of her rare $1 coin. Taking on her ‘Melbourne With Kidz’ Facebook page, she went ahead to reveal its vibrant characteristics. The coin belongs to the group of the year 2000 $1 addition coins minted with the “incorrect obverse die”. It could fetch her up to $3000.

Lucky moments shimmering with their unbounded charm and prosperity do not land at the doorsteps of every soul. They float to hunt for the one having them in one’s destiny. Thus, only a few get the chance to live and relish the dreamy experience. One of these lucky souls basking in the warmth of good fortune is Tanya.

The mother from Melbourne was getting up with her mundane without caring much about the blessing of luck. Her life was running in line with that of her other counterparts. To her delight, the insipid routine ended up with her discovering a jackpot in her house one day. The mother came across a rare $1 coin. Looking at its uniqueness, she went ahead exploring about its roots.

Finally, she lived the moments full of felicity when the good fortune came up. The coin shimmered up with the shine of the value embedded in it. Its uniqueness bestowed it with the ability to raking up more than its face value. The winds of gain traced their initiation back to the times when it came to the counter. The monetary medium belongs to the group of the year 2001 $1 addition coins that were minted with the “incorrect obverse die”.

The Royal Australian Mint had given birth to the rare coin by maintaining a 1.4-millimetre difference in diameter between the 10 cents and $1 coin. Coins like this that nest this spectacular irregularity in their design and manufacturing don the title of being Mules. The $1 gem enjoys its evaluation hovering between $500 and $3000.

We found the famous MULE Dollar. 🙌 What's a Mule dollar? It's a small number of the year 2000 $1 dollar coins that…

Posted by Melbourne with Kidz on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Soaking in the drizzle of luck, the woman went ahead to share her golden moments with the world. Putting up the news of her monetary gains, she took on her ‘Melbourne With Kidz’ Facebook page. She also posted the picture of her treasure to let the world of social media users cherish its pulchritude.

Taking on her gain, she said, “Check your change and empty out the kids piggy bank! You could be sitting on a winner!” Adding to that, she said, “Royal Australian Mint accidentally minted the coins using the smaller 10 cent obverse die (head side) by mistake. With just a 1.4 millimetre difference in diameter between the 10 cent and $1 coin you can clearly see a double rim circle going around the edges of the coin. These errors are worth anywhere from $500 to $3,000!”

To add to the knowledge of the readers of her post, she also shared the concept of Mule coin with its unique features in detail.

Thus, keep yourself always up with the treasure of pennies!