A Cowboy Boot Shaped House You Can Rent

Weren’t we all thrilled when we saw Andy pick up Sheriff Woody, a 1950s old traditional pull string cowboy doll as his favorite doll in Toy Story? Once in his or her life, everyone has dreamt of residing in the countryside and living the life of a Cowboy. This man from Houston, Texas has ‘built’ an opportunity for all the enthusiasts to feel what it is like living in a cowboy’s boot.

Dan Phillips, an artist residing in Houston, Texas has designed a unique and amusing house. Inspired by ‘The Old Who Lived in A Shoe’ nursery rhyme Dan built a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home which is shaped like a cowboy boot. Up for renting, this boot house costs at around £1,000-a-month

Entering the boot house one can find a kitchen with everything accessible in a small space and spiral staircase leading to the deck of the boot giving you a stunning view of the outside. A small bathroom also fits just right inside the boot house. It also boosts a small living space making it a perfect stay for a family of two.

There is no need to worry for occasions such as birthdays and family gatherings because the cowboy boot house comes attached with a traditional shaped house just next door. The connected house features a bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and 711 square feet of space. One experience the luxury of living in a Cowboy boot house and the comfort of living in a tradition home all at the same time.

Dan noted, “I’ve always been fascinated since I was a child to build houses that looked like the houses in story books – to do child-like designs and use a lot of whimsy. A life without whimsy is certainly a non-life.” Beside building a dream house Dan has also taken some impressive measures in favor of the environment. He used a wide variety of recycled materials for the construction of the house, which includes cork, old picture frames and even old CDs.

Dan, while preserving the environment also works for the welfare of the society. Providing employment opportunities to the people around him, Dan employs those workers who have no prior building experience and provides them with experience and required skills to find future work. Sharing his future endeavors, he plans to build a Cowboy Hat house once the Cowboy Boot house is completed and rented out.