A Jail Themed Boozer Opened In London Where Punters Are ‘Inmates’

The Cocktail bars are one of the hubs for booze and transformation. One such bar with uniqueness has been found in Shoreditch, London named as the Alcotraz cell block two one two. The menu in the bar is extremely flexible, creative and one can make their own specialty drinks.

We have generally seen ordinary bars with beautiful seating arrangements and a counter for booze. The Alcotraz cell is created with some twists and turns and contrasting things to offer. After the ease in lockdown restrictions due to coronavirus, England enfolded the launch of a brandnew concept bar. The ‘Alcotraz cell’ bar is a prison-themed cocktail bar, the prisoners or the people arriving at the bar are called inmates. The Alcotraz is approaching people and waiting for new inmates to try it out.

The chief principle of the bar is prison. The visitors have to enrobe themselves with orange jumpsuits, as we have seen in jail and wait inside the ‘cells’. They could only smuggle liquor once they pass the warden and get transferred to other inmates. If they are fortunate, the expert inmates will help them create a new drink/cocktail of their own choice with a spirit.

This cocktail bar was inspired by one of the infamous prisons of America that were shut down in London’s Brick Lane. As in the prison, not a single thing is fixed likewise in this cocktail prison bar they did not have a set menu for drinks. It was flexible enough to alter according to the needs of visitors. The bar was creative and wanted the inmates to be innovative with their smuggling in liquor.

The prison guards were on visitors’ side and would allow them to execute funky stuff and help them hide the contraband. The Alcotraz website stated that London’s famous brick lane inhibited a secret speakeasy prison bar hiding behind the shutters. It was named as cell block two one-two. The bar had different stages to get in, initially getting into the cell, then getting past the warden and getting served by the longest-serving inmates. The bar details were briefly mentioned on the website.

The visitors could get deep insights about the activities conducted in the bar. Moreover, they can easily buy the tickets online through Alcotraz’s website and get an entry inside the bar. The entry fees started from £35.99 only. The Alcotraz cell two-one-two was located at 212 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA.

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, people are frustrated and have to stay at home for longer. This innovative bar would help and push them to get out of their house and have fun at a beautiful and innovative prison bar. The cocktail bar had many hurdles, passing the warden and acquainting with the inmates. They could also make their own drinks which was an added advantage for all the visitors of the bar. The prison bar had no restrictions and the visitors had the upper hand of the prison guard.