Babies Dressed As Pickles To Celebrate Annual Picklesburgh Event

Whenever we see a little baby around, our hearts just melt as we touch those tiny fingers and toes. How adorable does this sound? Now, imagine those cute babies dressed as pickles. It will be a sight worth watching, right? A hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania brought our imagination to reality and the results were bewitching!

Once you see the little ones in those cute outfits, you can’t help but keep staring at those adorable faces. You’ll wish to hold them and keep playing with them.

On the occasion of the city’s fourth annual Picklesburgh event, UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania decided to celebrate this day in a unique way. Since pickle was the theme (of course), the staff arranged the theme-based outfits and we are just awestruck!

It is heartwarming to watch those four babies in the maternity ward being the cutest pickles we have ever seen. They celebrated this special event in the best way and definitely deserve an award for their effort.

A nurse who worked at that maternity ward knitted the green caps and blankets. We can’t find a more relevant outfit for the cute infants except for this one. The moms would agree as pickles got them through those pregnancy cravings.


The babies had the most adorable onesies on with the text “Special Dill-ivery”. You can get an idea about the creativity that they showed at the event. The room decorations involved pickle too with the balloons following the theme! A private photoshoot happened too.

This hospital got into the Picklesburgh spirit and they succeeded in celebrating it amazingly. Pickle babies” are impressive! The cute dress-up that took place at the hospital enchanted the internet.

One woman tweeted, “You better believe I will have a baby during Picklesburgh so my baby can be dressed as a pickle.” Those who are fond of pickles must be waiting for this festival eagerly so that they can relish their favorite food item without being guilty.

We hope the hospital continues this tradition and keep dressing the little ones in such adorable outfits. Those green caps steal the show and we wished we looked half as cute as the babies when we wear them.