Barber Shamed Online For Refusing Haircut To A Woman

When it comes to gender-based discrimination it not only exists in work opportunities but also when it comes to seeking any services. One such incident happed with a woman with short hair and masculine looks who went to get a haircut and the barber refused to give her a haircut because she is a woman.

She shared her story and asked the readers whether she will be considered an asshole for shaming a barber online who refused him customer services based on her gender. The woman shared her story and wrote that she is 20 years old and have always had short hair. The hair is so short that it is just like men’s cut and she loves it that way because of her personality and looks.

The barber where she generally goes moved away so she visited another place. One of her male friends suggested a place. When she visited the placed she was impressed. Though the place looked good the service unsettled her. The barber refused to give her because she is a woman. Although she told him that she needs a men’s cut he still refused her and asked her to go to a lady’s saloon.

She was embarrassed after he kicked her out. After reaching home she opened the LGBT Facebook Page and wrote “gender non-conforming women, don’t bother with this barber. He doesn’t serve us.” The post gained a lot of attention and it was enough to hurt the barber’s business. Since the post was getting more and more attention the woman wants to get an opinion that whether it is right of her to do this or not?

The comments kept pouring in and said: “NTA. You left and accurate review based on them denying service.” Another wrote: “The dude made a bad business choice. Instead of giving someone a haircut he told you to go to a competitor. Instead of seeing this an opportunity to pick up more loyal clientele he effectively insured the opposite. He made he choice to drive way a potential customer. It’s entirely on him as a barber to catch heat for turning way prospective clients. You were just communicating the on-conforming folks with short hair clearly aren’t welcome at the establishment. NTA.”

Others wrote: “You know what hurts small businesses. Turning away customers.” One said: “NTA. The fuck is wrong with the people. He denied you service because you’re a women and you told people that. If he doesn’t want people to know that he refuses women, he shouldn’t do it. Also, isn’t this a pretty obvious case of gender discrimination?”

Well, people had a lot to say about the barber and other underlying things that were there in this story. Gender discrimination, business strategies, and all. One sure thing is that the readers are in support of the woman and by refusing her a haircut the barber will surely end up hurting his small business. He surely turned a potential and loyal customer away. Turning her away will cause more hurt to his business after people will read the story and will react to it.