Cat Lovers Are Upcycling Retro TV sets Into Cozy Beds

Everyone knows how cats love to snuggle in any enclosed space- be it a cardboard box or a pile of laundry. These cardboard boxes do lack in style, although they are cozy! But cat lovers often spoil their cats and come up with great innovations, and this time it is a vintage-inspired décor because even cats deserve a stylish abode like their owners.

Remember the time when the TV shape was like a box and it had dials on the front? Despite being uncommon, they are still in fashion. So, if one sees such a box lying on the roadside, it’s a warning – don’t pass it by!

People are upcycling vintage TVs into unique and comfy beds for cats, resulting in a super cute TV show of the 1940s.

Despite being fancy, these crafty creations are practical. These functionless antique TVs make for an adorable piece of quirky home décor; much better than the conventional shipping packages.

Tutorials can be found on the internet regarding how to make a kitty bed. All that is needed is an old TV from a second-hand or an antique store, or from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and then one is all set to kitty-proof it by discharging the electricity first and further removing its inner parts like glass, cords, etc., to make it hollow. In the end, one can fill it up with a comfy cushion and decorate it with different wallpapers, paints, or patterned fabrics, keeping the cat’s tastes in mind.

People have shared photographs of the vintage TV beds designed by them. One of the Instagram users gifted a TV bed to Mia, the cat, on Christmas. The user expressed, “Doesn’t Mia look beside herself with excitement?”

Another user posted her own picture with her cat. She wrote that she was still making Chowder, the cat, pose with her. She said the cat loves being in his little bed, so she is ready to take advantage of her cuteness by taking pictures.

Yet another user shared the picture where the floral wallpaper of the cat bed made it look fancy, and the cat lying on a comfy cushion was enjoying a photo session.

While people were showing their creativity on social media, one user expressed what her cat, Doris wanted to say. She wrote, “Doris wants you all to know that my TV turned cat bed ended up being as fabulous as her and that she has also begun looking for her forever home”.

A pre-made TV cat bed can also be purchased from the market if the DIY task sounds way out of one’s comfort zone. This pre-made cozy TV cat bed can be purchased from UK retailer ‘Daals’. The ‘Meow Time’ label on the TV set gives the pet house a name!

Upcycling a mid-century TV into a cat bed definitely adds an extra dimension to your house décor.