Couple Made Cutouts Of Their Friends Who Couldn’t Attend The Wedding

A couple named Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith ensured their dear ones attend their wedding by having their cut-outs at their party. The couple from Bramley had 100 people on their wedding list. But pandemic restrictions tattered that. So they decided to have 14 people attend the celebrations in person. The rest graced it in cut-outs. Overall, 50 guests made way.

Pandemic has ruined many occasions and celebrations with the stringent restrictions in place to quell its raging waves. Many souls either have to cancel or postpone their big days. However, some of them have managed to seize the moment by coming up with unique and thrilling ways. A couple named Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith tied the knot by having their loved ones around them and, that too without ditching the restrictions.

Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith got engaged back in December. They were all set to embrace each other as their ‘official’ life partners by taking the golden vows. They marked a date in July to live the auspicious moments. Then, they began to brace up for their wedding day. They prepared a guest list consisting of 100 people. However, it could not stand long as the pandemic blues hit their plan.

The stringent restrictions landed in every nook and corner to ensure the things in line with the unprecedented crisis. To their delight, they began to melt to loosen the noose around the social life. Seeing the emerging light of relief, the lovebirds decided to shift their wedding date to August 14.

However, the couple from Bramley, Guildford could not get everything on the ground as they had planned. In England, only 30 people could gather for a wedding and other social events. Thus, they had to drop down their list of 100 guests.

One day, Romanee realized that one of her bridesmaids would not able to attend the wedding celebrations as she lived in Nashville. Brushing aside the disappointment, she joked about having her cut-out at their wedding. And, eventually, the joke provided them with the much-needed way out to live their big day. The couple decided to ask their friends for their photographs and have their cut-outs at the wedding to fill up their space.

Their wedding planner too loved the idea. Soon, they got the cut-out ready for £2,000. Finally, the golden day came. The couple took the vows at The Bell in Ticehurst, East Sussex. The wedding hall was bubbling with the cut-outs. Not just that, 14 souls attended the big day in person.

To the delight of the newlywed souls, their wedding day saw breathed in the benign presence of 50 guests. Thus, the love birds celebrated their day in big pomp and show without ditching the essential pandemic restrictions.

Taking on their cut-out plan, Romanee shared, “We had about 100 people on our guest list but when coronavirus hit, we had to rework our plans and the venue were really flexible. At the end of the day, we just want to get married so let’s just go ahead – it helps that we’re not high maintenance”.

Adding to that, she said, “One of my bridesmaids lives in Nashville and she wouldn’t be able to attend so we joked about having her as a cardboard cut-out, so we thought why we don’t do that with our guests”. She shared, “It worked out at the same price as what it would have cost to have them all here but we saved on the booze!”