Customer Adds A Note With The Food Order Asking The Restaurant Staff To Not Judge

Our taste buds need to be treated really well once in a while and we can’t justify the cravings that we have as we go through some bad days. Even though our food orders are not judged by the people, but we still have a weird feeling as we place an unexpected order at a restaurant. This customer had a similar feeling and so, left a note for the staff and it’s relatable!

We all can agree that there is food for every mood, right? Happiness might demand some pizza with extra cheese while chocolates and ice-cream heal a broken heart. The feelings around food are universal!

It’s hard to resist any sort of craving that arises after a long day at work. Those food choices might be “awkward” to tell people as they are not something that is ordered frequently. In fact, it’s just so random that it can’t be repeated the next time.

We all have been in the same situation and this customer is no different. On one of the bad days, this person in Toronto ordered a meal (or more than one meal!) but didn’t forget to attach a note. The customer requested the restaurant to not judge his order.

We know it’s making you wonder what this customer ordered. You want to compare your choices and see if you are at a low-risk of judgment.

Don’t be embarrassed if you want three medium fries, two chicken burgers and extra cheesy dip on the side to eat all by yourself on a Monday evening. This is all how we spend our late nights when the day hasn’t been so good.

Take cues from this person and leave a message in the comments section. This customer of Fresco’s Fish & Chips ordered three lots of mozzarella sticks that totaled to $21.45 with deep-fried pickles, slaw and a diet coke. Can you tag it as weird? Go ahead and try to remember your past comfort food. It’s a surprising flashback!


The note with the order read, “Yes I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. Im (sic) having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu.”

After many people viewed this honest request, such notes started to come in for Michael Fresco, owner of Fresco’s Fish & Chips regarding their food. One person wrote, “Didn’t have as bad a week as the other person, but you need to give them a kick back for letting Toronto know the Mozza Sticks are back on the menu!”

Fresco’s daughter shared this photo. She expressed that they are never questioning anyone for the food that they wish to eat. She said, “Sometimes, a bunch of fried food is just what you need on a bad day, or on any day, and that no one was actually judging the customer.”

We all needed to hear this. Now, back to placing the most random order and not regretting for even a second!