Customers Spot Hilarious Reviews Sneaked Onto Restaurant’s Advertising Leaflets

Marketing is an art and one restaurant knows exactly how to do their advertisement and marketing hilariously. A diner in Australia sneaked reviews left by the dinners on the restaurant leaflet. Though all the reviews and recommendations were not glowing the idea was amazing and some of the reviews were very hilarious.

Foo Hua restaurant based in Wanneroo, Australia, used an advertising strategy not used by any of the diners till now. It is hilarious and an amazing technique. They used the reviews given by the previous customers to persuade new customers through their leaflets. Usually, people don’t read the full leaflet and they used it to their advantage but they did not know that some of the readers will read the full leaflet.


Some reviews were “You’re the best, thank you Foo Hua” and “Highest standard of quality ingredients. The best around.” These were the reviews mentioned on the top. But some people who took their time to read the leaflet read all the reviews. One such review was “I ordered fried rice without prawns, but I got a lot of prawns in my rice, I need a refund.”

Another such review written in a smaller font was “Food is bland and tasteless, will not order here again” and “Waited for over an hour, where is my food?” But other than that there were some comedic reviews as well such as: “Food 5 star. Service 5 star. Why give out a 1 star? Just because I can lol.” Another added: “Food arrived early, very very tasty and fresh. Thank you so much. Delivery boy is [cute] too.”

Some shared the leaflet on Reddit. People reading it were fast to share thoughts. One commented: “I can appreciate honesty and transparency. I’d at least give it a try to find out for myself.” A second joked: “I got a sneaking suspicion that the delivery boy wrote some of these reviews.” A third wrote: “I like the inverse-humble-brag ‘This place gives out prawns when I don’t want them’.” And another said: “Legend has it that person is still waiting for their food.”

Well, this idea may have persuaded some. But one thing is for sure that the honesty in the leaflet surely persuaded the readers. Some might not try their bland food or would not give them full stars but surely there will leave their reviews.