Drastically Different Views Of Men About Mothers Who Stay At Home

For a new born or a growing child, mother love and her care are the most essential requirements. But with increasing work culture it’s becoming tough to be around your kids 24*7. The mothers who are willing to give up their careers for their children are the bravest but we are about to see what fathers think about stay-at-home mothers.

There are different opinions on this one but today we bring husband’s views on stay-at-home moms.

They deserve more respect than our society already gives:

Some portion of male in our society thinks that stay-at-home moms put everything they have for nurturing their kids. People ask them questions like:

Is this all you do?

Didn’t you used to have a ‘real’ job?

Just decided to take a break from the professional world, did you?

And it’s heartbreaking for a person who is dedicating herself to keeping her kids healthy, happy, clean, fed, entertained, educated, exercised, and loved. The job is already very demanding and such comments make it more draining.

They don’t appreciate what they have:

Also there exists a portion of society that thinks women who are staying at home and taking care of kids don’t appreciate what they have and the value of hard-earned income.

hey feel that working women appreciate their life way more. Some part of these men also wish that their wives should work but they don’t say it to their face.

It’s a hard but a low skilled job:

There exist some men in our society who feel that this job is equal to a job in office or even tougher. Society runs due to such super moms who decide to give their time to kids and But the problem is that it doesn’t require high skills and is a low skilled job. It is similar to cleaning houses or doing laundry, and due the laws of supply and demand. In our society wages of such jobs are very low and that is the reason people don’t consider it respectable or reputed.

It depends on the mother:

We have always said that men are not supportive of their partner’s decision but it’s not for real. There exist some gentlemen who want their partners to decide for themselves and are happy with whatever they decide. It doesn’t matter what they want out of their partner they are happy with their partners being able to take a decision for themselves.

After talking to all kinds of men all we can say is that stay-at-home mothers are tough, strong and the real heroes as they are giving up their dreams to give a lovable environment t home which is very important at this stage when parents can’t devote time for kids and they end up being depressed.