Family Discovers Hole Inside Medicine Cabinet And Uncover ‘Treasure’

A family recently discovered that their medicine cabinet had a hole which led straight into the wall. It’s surprising how your own house can be unknown to you. You never really know what it hides from you. A family was shocked to finally find out that their cabinet had a hole which was undiscovered for almost half a century.

The hole had been filled up by a lot of different things over time and the family was surprised by what they had discovered. It included things from the time when the family had first moved into the house.

The story was shared by a person named Kludge77 on Imgur whose real name was Peter Brown. He posted that the hole was at the residence of his in-laws and that his wife had told him about it. The hole was located behind the cabinet which had a hole behind it. They realized that for years, products had been falling out of the cabinet and into the hole.

Over the last 40 years they had lost a lot of items to the hole which were finally discovered now. The most interesting find was a bottle of lotion that dates back to the 1980s’. Other products to be found were nail polish remover, caffeine pills, antiseptic spray and plasters. The post had gone viral getting more than 127000 views, many comments and upvotes.

A Strange Treasure

He posted it online because he thought that his followers would find it interesting as it was unique and odd. He explained that his father in-law had had lost something during the lockdown which led him to further check things out. He decided to cut open a bigger hole to check what’s inside. What he did not anticipate was how much stuff he would find in it. People really loved the pictures online with many becoming nostalgic over them.

People compared it to a time capsule with one commenting “Oh my gosh…I remember some of those bottles. I’d forgotten all about the but wow. An unexpected bout of nostalgia.” Another user wrote “I haven’t smelled Brut for over 20 years …but I can still smell it.” While another user added “OMG those bottles catapult me right back to my childhood. Hadn’t seen that Jergens bottle in years.”

It’s interesting how unpredictable life can be and how sometimes things take you back in time. It is a pleasant surprise for this family to discover what can only be called a ‘treasure’. The family will look back at this incident and laugh how a lockdown led them to discover such old things. The incident would have certainly brought the family together and given them memories they can cherish forever. It goes on to tell us how unpredictable life can be.