His Little Secret Gets Revealed And The Bride Can’t Get Over The Tragic Size Of Husband’s Package After Her Wedding Night

How’d you like to know that the person you will be sleeping with for the rest of your life does not have assets that could satiate you physically? Tragic? That’s exactly what happened when this woman got to see her man’s package for the first time on their honeymoon.

This woman was dating a guy for six months and was engaged to for another six months. The guy according to her is not religious but an old fashioned person, who wanted to wait till marriage to get down to the business of shagging it up.

But it seems like he wasn’t as old school as he had presented himself to be. He actually wanted to hide his little secret and he was successful in doing it as she agreed to his so-called values. They used to make out and when things went a bit too far, he used to stop her.

She never pushed him for crossing the limits. Now, that they have been to their honeymoon, the lady had her head-scratching moment when she and her man finally got down to business during their honeymoon and realized he might have had a different reason for delaying the action. The girl found out that he has a tiny weewee, which cannot practically satisfy any woman.

In a post on Reddit, this woman asked if she was the asshole for being upset over the small package of her husband. She was being honest and respectful about the fact. She didn’t want to shame her husband but is mad that she waited for marriage to happen before they could reach each other’s privates. She feels that she has been lied to or if it was a half-truth that was told to her.

People obviously declared that she wasn’t the asshole for feeling all those things. People said that she should have taken a look at the matter more seriously and should have snuck a peek into his pants. It wasn’t less than marrying a stranger. Someone said that it was no laughing matter as he had kept her in dark for one whole year.

There were also some creeps creeping in her inbox who started sending her pictures of private parts to who she said that she had seen decent sausages in her life. There were a few people who were being logical and sad that this was the reason you should go for a test drive before signing off the financing.

So, before you get hitched make sure you have had your share of visual and have talked about it in advance if you don’t want to get any bummer on your first night after the wedding.