Influencer’s Ageless Looks Make People Mistake Him For Someone In Their 20s

53-year-old, Edson Brandon, is usually mistaken for being almost half his age. Working as a personal coach and writer, this age-defying influencer has high quality genetics and a youthful mien. Blessed is he!

While he states that he feels more energetic than ever before, one would wonder the secret behind his vigor and flawless appearance. Well, he has never undergone a plastic surgery! He gives all the credit to salutary food and skin care.

Edson, who adds value to the phrase “age is just a number”, believes that his body is a temple. Therefore he keeps sugar, fried food, processed food and soft drinks at an arm’s length. His only thirst quencher is mineral water and that too 2 Liters a day, forget about smoking or illegal substance!

“There is no difference between how I feel now compared to in my twenties, I feel that I have the same energy as before. To be honest, I feel better than ever before”, Brandon said. “People are always in shock when they find out I am fifty-three. They all think I am twenty-five”.

He also added, “It is fantastic to see how people are overwhelmed by my young appearance and that I can inspire them to change their lifestyle if they want”. “I eat everything in a moderate way. I avoid eating sugar, industrialized food, snacks, and fried products. I never drink soft drinks because that is unhealthy. Last but not least, I have never smoked or used drugs in my life”, Brandon continued.

Edson believes that optimistic attitude is the key to his youthfulness, albeit regular weight lifting has kept him in a good shape. His positive outlook can be judged when he says, “The power of positive thinking radiates a good energy for your body and mind”.

His diet for the day consists of some easy choices. Breakfast includes a freshly made fruit smoothie with almond milk and cereal, and vegan pancakes, which too are homemade! His lunch consists of chicken with vegetables or grilled white fish and brown rice. His much simpler dinner includes sweet potato or salmon with tomatoes, mushroom and brown rice.

The secrets behind his happy and youthful living are revealed in his book, titled ‘Young After 40’. Also, he has documented his healthful living on his account on Instagram @edsonsecrets.

“I like to inspire other people to give them a positive message that you can achieve everything in life if you really want to. I am the evidence that a human-being can stay and feel young even as you get older”, Brandon mentioned.

“The first step [to maintaining a youthful appearance] is to accept and love yourself. You are okay as you are. Then, create a daily routine of skin care, exercises, to eat and drink healthy, always look on the bright side of life and count your blessings”.