Leaving Alcohol Turned Out To Be The Best Decision For Kenny

A man from the USA, aged 37, shared a transformation photo on social media. The first photo was of the time when he started to give up drinking. The last photo was of the time after he had spent 3 years sober. The change was remarkable. He was looking healthy, both mentally and physically.

Getting addicted to something is one of the worst things that could ever happen to any person. We live in an illusion that we have control over our bodies and mind. But the things that we start doing for fun have the tendency to destroy us in the future.

Kenny D, a railroad engineer in the USA, started drinking in his college life. He started it for fun and to look cool in front of his friends. Soon, he realized that drinking had become a regular part of his life. He used to drink 12 to 24 drinks per day. The more he tried to stay away from alcohol the more he ended up getting drunk.

He recognized the need to stop getting drunk as it was affecting his life badly. He pledged to desist from alcohol and thus joined an alcohol anonymous group. Alcohol anonymous group is a group that helps you to become sober in 12 steps.

Kenny decided to keep track of his transformation by taking his picture every time he reached a milestone. Things were hard at first. The first photo which he took after being sober for 24 hours was enough to tell that he was in a miserable condition.

But time heals everything. Gradually, with passing time, his state of being improved. He started to look jovial and flourishing. He lost weight. He looked fit as a fiddle. He dealt with his anger issues in a positive manner as they had started with his addiction to booze.

Kenny decided to live life with spiritual principles. He took all the decisions of his life with metaphysical filters. He found peace in the spiritual world. He had set up a few rules by which he started to live. He had taken the pledge not to be angry or spiteful on anyone and handle all the situations calmly.

But after all, he is also a human. Life is not good for everyone. There are both good and bad days in life. He is not a saint and he can’t control being angry a few times. But he does his best to control his anger.

There were times when he used to lose charge on him and couldn’t control the situation with his decided spiritual principles. At that time, his sponsors and another anonymous session were always ready to help. He believed that once you call for help, you will definitely get someone there for you. Humanity still exists in society.

Leaving alcohol was the best decision he could ever take. It helped him to grow in every aspect of life. Now he is leading a happy, peaceful and calm life. He is starting to achieve everything that he ever wanted to achieve. Life is good for him now.