Little Girl Is Brave Enough To Share Her Room With 50 Tarantulas

Hollie Greenhalgh, eight-year-old, came up on a television show where she displayed her magnificent collection of scaring insects which included cockroaches, snails, scorpions and snakes.

This young girl used the name Princess Sophie Pink for her YouTube channel. She calmly conversed with Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford while taking care of her pets which consisted of a Chilean tarantula called Ruby. During the interview she disclosed many things. She told the hosts that she began asking her mum Rachel continuously to get her a pet spider after she saw one during her visit to an exhibition at a museum.

She currently has so many pets that it had now become difficult for her to keep track of their names. She explained that some of them have names but for the tarantulas they had to know what gender they are and have to wait for them to moult. She had kind of named them, but there are too many.

The hosts asked her if she had ever been bitten by any of her pet snakes. To this she replied that Georgie has once bitten her and Lizzie has bitten her two times in a row. But she said that one is more in shock than it hurts. Her mother, Rachel wasn’t much interested in keeping the pets. According to her it has rather became an obsession now, but she was not 100 percent comfortable with them. She loved how her daughter was with them.


To break the mindset of people that spiders and snakes are scary and dangerous, Holly from Cheshire started her YouTube. She told that her goal for having a YouTube channel is to convey to the people out there that spiders and invertebrates are cute, although her real mission is to meet David Attenborough.

However, Eammon thought little Hollie could do one better than meeting him. He appreciated her and said that she was a fascinating girl and he was looking forward to see her as the next David Attenborough. He also told her that he hoped that she remembers this meeting of them and plays this video clip when she becomes famous.

The audience was amazed by Hollie and her pets. One of them posted that he was guessing that eight-year-old Hollie would be the next Steve Irwin. While another said that she was a blooming David Attenborough.

People couldn’t get tired of praising her. She was a breath of fresh air who was intelligent and passionate about her exotic creatures. It was nice to see some good informative news/information amongst the current rubbish that’s out there. People wished that she goes on until she finally meets David Attenborough.