Man Banned From Tinder After Posing With Photo-Shopped Baby Yoda

Love in the 21st century is just a swipe away. All it takes is an impressive profile picture and an interesting bio to get matches on online dating apps. But if you do not adhere to the app’s rules and regulations, they have the right to ban you from it. This man got banned from Tinder for ‘catfishing’ after he posed with photoshopped baby Yoda.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘catfishing’, it is when someone creates a fake online persona in order to lure you into a relationship or take advantage of you in some other way.

Comedian Carter Hambley from Chicago took to Twitter to share a conversation he had with a woman he matched with on Tinder about his profile picture with photo-shopped baby Yoda.

Carter uploaded a picture with the Star War’s character, Baby Yoda, in a hope to attract fellow fans.


His match on Tinder asked, “Where did you get that Yoda doll?” Carter then admitted that it was just photo-shopped. The woman who was totally confused told him that she was asking about the Yoda doll, not the picture. Taking the conversation further, Carter said that it was not a doll. It was photo-shopped and asked her what movies she liked besides Star Wars.


This offended the woman and she called out Carter for catfishing. She wrote, “So you just put a fake image on your profile? That’s literally the definition of catfishing. You’re a liar and a sneak and I’m reporting you. Not letting you fool anyone else with your little tricks.”

This resulted in Carter being blocked from Tinder.

Later, he shared the screenshot of the conversation on Twitter with a caption, “God, I hate this app.”

Since being uploaded on Twitter, the post has received one million likes, thousands of retweets, and a few thousand replies.

Many people found it hilarious while others commented about their own dating fails.

One user said, “Omg, it’s okay. I got banned about only wanting a relationship and I messaged Tinder about it and all they said ‘You violated the terms’ LIKE WHAT!? All because I said I don’t do hookups or friends with benefits.”

While the other one said that the woman did not realize that the image was photoshopped to have a fake image of baby Yoda on it. The user further said that sometimes he wishes bad things but he honestly hoped that the woman runs out of their favorite food items and the means to make their favorite foods.

Another user wondered why he got banned if he didn’t break any rules because what he did was not catfishing.

If you are wondering if you are being catfished or not on dating sites and social media, the golden rule is if you think it is too good to be true, it probably is. But if you want to be sure, you can try to verify the stranger’s identity. Some of the ways you can do this are to call them up or video call them. If you find the courage, you can ask them to meet in person as well.