Man Responds Hilariously To An Accidental Invite For A Bachelorette Party

No matter how hard one tries, there is always somebody or the other who is left disappointed because of mistakes made during the whole process of hosting a wedding. This time, everybody was left surprised after seeing Taylor Lowery’s reaction to an accidental invite he received for an upcoming bachelorette party.

Taylor was surprised when he was wrongly added to a group chat of a wedding. He did not recognize any of the names in the list. After understanding that a mistake had been made and he was added wrongly, he decided to have some fun before exiting the group. This was taken very light-heartedly by the members of the group and they found what Taylor did, hilarious.

Taylor decided to respond to the invite in a rather innovative way. He made a video where he explained the mistake and congratulated the bride for her wedding. Bride’s sister, Lucy, shared the video on TikTok that Taylor had sent in the group. She wrote in the caption that she loved Taylor for doing what he did. Everybody found it humorous. The video got a lot of traction and people were amused seeing such a lively response.

Taylor explained in the video that he was wrongly added to the group. He thanked everybody for being invited to the party and congratulated the bride for her wedding. In a humorous way, he said that he was disappointed as he won’t be able to go buy a wig for the party. He also told them that he probably wasn’t the Taylor the girls were looking for. So he suggested they should look for the actual person who was supposed to get invited because she probably had no clue about the party.

The video hit a lot of hilarious comments because people cracked up seeing how innovative one could be in responding to something so silly. One of the viewers jokingly wrote, “Plot Twist: one of the bridesmaids start dating him and he attends the wedding.” Another viewer said that this was probably the start of a rom-com movie. Another comment suggested that Taylor should be invited to the wedding now since he is a part of the gang.

There could be a number of ways as to how Taylor could have responded. He could simply leave the group or send a text explaining what had happened. But the way he chose to respond was unique and applaudable. He took it very light-heartedly and congratulated the bride sincerely. He even reminded the girls to invite the right person who was supposed to be on the list instead of Taylor. The girls, especially the bride’s sister, also loved the response and uploaded the video online for people to see. People loved it even more and found Taylor to be hilarious.