Man Spotted Family Of Mice In Garden So Built Them A House

Not everyone is an animal lover and so on seeing mice in their garden will scare definitely scare them. There’s no denying that outdoors is their territory, it might be little too close for their comfort. Keeping mouse traps or letting the cats loose was the only thing coming up in the mind to be safe from any challenging situation that may take place. But if you were an individual named Simon Dell, however, you would take that lemon and turn it into some lemonade with an awesome photo shoot.

Simon Dell is a wildlife photographer from Sheffield, United Kingdom. He knew how to make the best out of the opportunity. Instead of do away with the mice he clicked some amazing pictures of these little animals. The only difficulty he faced was that the mice weren’t drawn towards him so he had to do little something to tempt them in his direction. He came up with the idea of building them something that would attract them and will ultimately help him to picture them with perfection.

It took no time for his idea to become successful. The whole family of mice was living in their new home. Simon has a creative mind. He used old fruit and vegetables along with some props to build them a little home. The results speak for themselves.

Posted by George the Mouse in a log pile house on Friday, November 29, 2019

He also made little houses for the mice named George and Mildred and their baby, Mini. He set up a house and tiny playground. To make then notice his efforts he kept nuts and berries and he would pick up some goodies on his walk on a nature conservation walk near his home in Sheffield. He also arranged grand feast for mice.

He says that he was an eager photographer and often took pictures of birds on the feeders in the garden. Then one day he saw a very cute little house mouse standing up in the grass.

Posted by George the Mouse in a log pile house on Sunday, November 17, 2019

Simon has got really got fond of the little mouse family and keeps the villagers updated regularly. Just to make it look more attractive he placed small transportation objects near their house which I don’t think they use very often. He wanted them safe and so he added that he knew there were cats just over the fence and so to give them complete safety he gathered some chunk of wood and made them a log pile home. The mice somehow trust him and knew that he would do no harm to them. He said that he love nature and so is more than happy to live with these such cute creatures.

He organized a small Christmas party for them too right in the garden. Simon was an amazing landlord.