Mom’s DIY Technique To “Revive” Dead Plants Stunned The Viewers

Plants being the heart of the garden need to look lively all the time. A mother of two shared a bizarre idea of keeping the plants alive and green forever. She showcased her unique method in such a way that people went crazy and the video went viral in just a couple of days.

After decorating her garden with many expensive plants, the mother was not ready to replace them, when the plants got pale and dried. She mentioned that it was a matter of shame if the plants dry up. But what should one do if the plants eventually dried? The piece of writing mentioned that there were two ways to solve this. Either go out and buy more posh plants or try something peculiar.

That was the time when the lady came up with an unusual idea with which her plants would remain green and classy throughout. Gail Woollaston, a mother of two and 38 years old from Birmingham exclaimed that she was highly absorbed into DIY techniques and decided to bring around life to the old dead plants in her garden. Her method revived the plants beautifully and had her two children into stitches. She started by buying a green spray paint from the nearest hardware store. Predictably, Gail painted her brown, pale-colored pricey plants with green paint and within a matter of seconds, the plants looked absolutely fresh and novel.

She posted her trick on Facebook and went viral soon. She inscribed that her garden looked a little bit untidy and dead, so she tried her own DIY trick and put life into it. She was super happy that she was successful in her attempt to ‘revive’ her garden. She also penned that she was a DIY obsessed person and that this was supposed to be a fun experiment for her too. Her plants were way too expensive and lost life too soon. She mentioned that she was trying to mend them for quite a long time but nothing worked. So, she came up with this fantastic trick.

The mom exclaimed that the procedure was not as easy as it looked. The first time when she painted her plants, they ended up shining bright and looked unnatural. Then again, she diversified the color with another one, and it worked. She added that her friends were amazed and told that they couldn’t spot any difference. This made her delighted and satisfied.

She mentioned that to this day now, she refused to buy new plants and try to recover her old pricey plants only, by painting them green. Obviously, buying expensive plants every now and then was not a good idea. She just painted them and regained their beauty. The post gained much popularity and some of the non-garden lovers cited that they could pitch her idea for future reference for their own garden. However, not all the spectators liked her idea. Some plant-lovers found it shattering and devastating. Thereby indicating that the “life-hack” was certainly not for everyone.