Mortified Mother Has Sleepless Nights Over Her Daughter’s Name

One mother was desperate to change her daughter's name because she worried, she will suffer a lifetime of bullying and tormenting because of an unfortunate occurrence with a hi-tech speaker. For instance, the rise of hi-tech speakers - such as the Amazon Alexa - has become a major problem for some parents. This is because youngsters called Alexa, aren't always loving the digital assistant's voice commands.

Lauren Johnson, a mother from Massachusetts, USA, has established a campaign called “Alexa is a Human” to highlight concerns she believed others with the moniker face. As a result, a horrified mother is frantic to alter the name of her two-year-old daughter, Alexa, because, you guessed it, she was named Alexa. The mother was 100 percent confident that her daughter will be picked on, tormented, and teased for being called this. On a social media app, the mother wrote that she had briefly addressed her worries to her ex, and he was strongly of the opinion that her name wasn’t to be altered.

Johnson honestly believed that if she went to court (which she would consider), a judge would approve a change for the sake of her daughter. She continued that it was a great name, and it really suits her daughter, but recently she had gotten remarks from kids and adults about it. Even her own shameless father had purchased an Echo Dot and thought it was hilarious when he talked to her Alexa, and it responded.

On top of it, a primary-aged boy asked if it meant he could tell her to sing songs for him as his Alexa does. Johnson felt like she has put her daughter up for a lifetime of being instructed to turn down the light, play 80s music, or tell a horrible joke. Of course, it’s not like Amazon is just going to change their name, is it? However, some fellow parents reassured the concerned mother that she didn’t need to change her daughter’s name.

The post attracted a lot of commentators. “I imagine that as she gets older and technology is replaced, the Alexa won’t be Alexa for very long. Either that or everyone will have one, it will be an old hat and no adverts about ‘Alexa turn the light off,” one person commented. Another said that it was totally fine to name her child Alexa. According to her, it was a proper name, it was lovely and classic, yes, it’s the voice thing but it wouldn’t even enter her head if she met an Alexa. “I would just leave it for now, and if she wishes to use another name when she gets a little older, that’s great,” said a third. Obviously, many stood by Johnson and mentioned that it was ridiculous to change her daughter’s name due to this crazy cause.

Thankfully, an amazon spokeswoman came up and mentioned to a social media website that they built their voice assistant to represent values and the value in people – being clever, courteous, sympathetic, and inclusive. She continued that bullying in any form was wrong, and amazon opposes it categorically. In addition to Alexa, they provide many other wake words for users to choose from, including Echo, Computer, and Amazon. They respect customer feedback, and as with everything they do, they will continue to explore ways to provide them with more options in the area.