Mum Angry At Supermarket For Substituting Her Wine

A mother shared her story with the world to draw the attention to Sauvignon Blanc that her supermarket picked up for her. It turned out when she sat down to enjoy her favorite glass of wine to drain out her day’s exhaustion. But to her dismay, she ended up finding her local supermarket swapped her favorite wine with Sauvignon Blanc.

All hell breaks loose when one finds one’s supermarket delivering wrong items. It takes on the mental and emotional state of a person. The feelings of despair begin to loom larger over one’s mind and wrecks havoc on the schedules. The matter goes worse when one finds the situation irreversible. A mother went through a similar series of emotions when she discovered Sauvignon Blanc taking for her favorite wine.

The period of lockdown brought the bits of stress hours along for the mother. She ran around the house to meet her household and professional obligations. Adding to her besets, the homeschooling of her children stood big on the other edge. Exhausted to tick on her pending chores, she went ahead to cherish some moments of relief in the evening. She looked to pull out the bottle of her favorite wine.

To her dismay, she ended up holding a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Her mind tossed on seeing the bottle. Then, after spending some moment of introspection, she traced the presence of the bottle to her supermarket. They were out of stock of her favorite wine. Thus, they swapped the bottle for her Sauvignon Blanc containing lower alcohol.

The discovery wreaked havoc on her delightful moments. Devasted on losing her peaceful moments out to Sauvignon Blanc, she took her story to the social media platform. Not just that, she also snapped the bottle and posted it to justify her reaction.

Shedding light on her daily struggle to live up to the expectations of the people around her, she shared, “So in the process of trying to move. It’s taken us two years to get to this point and the past couple of weeks have been a nightmare! Lots of stopping and starting. Lots of “we can exchange….no we can’t” Just generally a stressful mess”.

Adding to that, she said, “That, on top of everything else – home schooling a very hormonal DD [darling daughter], DP [dear partner] WFH [working from home] and getting under each others feet driving each other insane, has lead to a much needed glass or two of wine, most evenings. Anyway, shopping is delivered and I think my day is looking up, as the driver proudly announces only one substitute! Instead of the usual 20 something”.

Taking the story ahead, she shared, “It’s one Sauvignon for another. No problem. Or so I thought. Now this has tipped me over the edge! Absolutely unacceptable”.

Drawing a parallel between her and their situation, other mothers came up in support of the mother. They lashed heavily at the supermarket for turning the situation in their favor.

One of them commented, “Despicable. Send a strongly worded email to head office immediately…”

Another said, “I’m trying to think of something I could say, in order to comfort you, but there are no words. You have my deepest sympathies”.

Many turned up to advise her to soothe her soul with some shots of vodka. Thus, the story managed to reach the hearts of the toiling mothers around her.

Hopefully, the supermarket had an earful from the world to stifle future blunders.