Mum Asked For ID As She Gets Mistaken For Her Teen Daughter’s Sister

A mother regularly gets mistaken for her young daughter’s sister. Though it sometimes is inconvenient for her she is happy and gets flattered when she is asked for her ID to check her age. She ensures that she is carrying some ID or age proof with her all the time.

Rajan Gill, a 50-year-old mom, from Coventry, shared that she is asked for her ID at almost every shop. People mistook her for her younger daughter’s sister. Though it is flattering, it causes her a lot of inconveniences. She has to ensure that she has her ID proof on her all the time especially when she is buying liquor. She also shared that it is not just in the stores that she is mistaken for her age.

Even strangers make a mistake guessing her age. She shared that often strangers presume she is three decades younger than she is. She has two daughters, 19-year-old Jasmine and 25-year-old Neelam. People presume that she is their sister. The 50-year-old mother is a makeup artist and loves flattery and attention. But sometimes it becomes too much especially when she is with her children.

Rajan shared: “The girls are often embarrassed when someone asks if I am their sister but I think it is a massive compliment. They are like, ‘here we go again’ – but we do have a chuckle about it. I always feel flattered that people think I am the same age as them.” People even leave her messages on her Instagram telling that they can’t believe she has two old grownup daughters.

She shared how she was asked for her ID when she went to purchase spray paint for a radiator in a hardware store. Since only people over the age of 16 can do it. She said: “It is crazy that I still have to carry my ID as I never know when I will randomly be asked at a supermarket if I’ve popped in for a bottle of wine. It is a compliment but very awkward. I think there is a huge pressure on the younger generation to look older than their age. Social media plays a big part in role models having fillers or wearing a lot of makeup which is why it can be confusing for cashiers.”

She continued: “I don’t feel 50 but society makes you think you shouldn’t dress a certain way or wear makeup as you get older. But I just do whatever makes me happy.” She shared that she had never had a botox and that she is just lucky to have good genes. She also shared that she does invest in a good array of products, stays away from junk food, and is into healthy living.

She shared why she never gets wrinkles and said: “I will go in the pool and stuff on holiday but I will never lie in the sun for hours on end. I will sit in the shade as the sun can age you. I swear by-products that help your skin too, such as Bare Minerals, as it doesn’t clog up your pores.” Guess it is all about good genes and healthy living.