Parents’ Consternation Over Their Babysitter Inviting an Unwanted Guest

Relying on a babysitter with a sense of relief is something that needs a lot of credence. Building trust would require a huge time but often a single instance to demolish.

A couple got infuriated with the egregious behavior of their babysitter. They hired her to stay in the house for a month while someone died in their family. Soon after they came back, they realized that their trusted one had invited a guest into their house without their knowledge. This is more of a problem when we already need to follow the social distancing rule.

Because of the ‘stay home’ orders and to look after their dog who doesn’t like strangers at all, the couple opted this very babysitter to be the one while they had to go away. But things were not the same as they expected them to be. The babysitter made them aware at times how well she was taking care of everything. However, she had a guest with her in the house as well. For this purpose, she also disabled all the security cameras temporarily.

The couple was in despair and it’s obvious to happen in this case. They told her specifically that they won’t be reaching her for any further help and wouldn’t recommend her to anyone else. They also thought of informing their neighbors about the same. However, these parents were also flummoxed with the situation. One of them explained that just her invidious actions that she committed once, doesn’t make her a bad babysitter.


On the flip side, they wanted to perceive others’ views on it. So, some people stated that the parents have been overreacting on the situation. Someone wrote: “All the Letter Writer (LW)’s going to do is make himself look like an even more ridiculous control to a wider audience than he already has.” Someone else agreed, “A live-in dogsitting contract for a month should come with an implicit ‘plus-one’ anyways.”

Some more people added their points. Another person elucidated that there wasn’t something so uncanny about the ruse. The sitter wasn’t partying or inviting some random people inside the house. On the contrary, some people agreed to the parents’ view as well. One person stated that she clearly made a mistake if the invited person wasn’t the one she had been living with as it’s a violation of stay-at-home order.

Another person informed having this information about a sitter is a mandate. A sitter is entrusted with the responsibilities that need a lot of trust. She shouldn’t be doing anything at one’s house without the owner’s consent. Similarly, Nicole Cliffe agreed to the couple’s concern. She apprised: “She turned off your external security cameras in order to do a thing you specifically told her absolutely not to do? During a pandemic? That’s wild behavior.”