Parents Slammed Online Was Asking Disgusting Question About Son’s Autistic Friend

A parent has come under fire on the social media platforms after sharing their concerns and putting up a question about having their son hang out with his autistic friend on Quora. The question soon ignited whirls of criticism against the parent. Not just that, responders took it far by sharing that on other platforms like Reddit.

Friendships are the bonds that humans forge, following their heart and soul. History is in spate with the bewitching friendship tales. The threads of love and care bind souls together to uphold the humane bits. The unconditional compassion overlooks the frontiers and spectrums of bodily characteristics floating around. However, some souls stand at the losing end, lacking the ability to behold the selfless bits of friendship.

A parent was worried about having the son gelling on with his autistic friend. The person feared that the company of autistic child would make the boy take up the obnoxious actions and habits. The concerned parent began to see their friendship heralding diminishing future of the boy. To relieve the fears and seek a way out, the soul turned to the online platform- ‘Quora’.

The stupid, it hurts from MurderedByWords

Pouring out the gloomy notions, the parent went ahead to put it up in the form of a query. The person wrote, “My son hangs out with an autistic kid sometimes and I don’t want him to start taking after him and becoming autistic. How can I nip this problem in the bud?”

The post broke all hell loose over the concerned parent. Quora users ridiculed the approach and way of thinking that the parent supported. A user named Ron Sarraf-Berrios turned on the scene to rebuke the parent by commenting, “I suggest you have a strong discussion with your child’s other parent and suggest they do the parenting from now on as you sound like a moron. Autism is not contagious, but, I’m afraid stupidity is, so stop spreading yours”.

To the horror of the parent, the whirlwinds of criticism did not rest there. The users grabbed the post and shared the screenshots of the message on other platforms like Reddit.

A step-dad named Ron was too displeased at the post. Shedding light on his disappointment, the dad shared, “It didn’t occur to me that they could have been a troll until redditors started commenting that, and yet the fact that they deleted their question on Quora after I posted my response tells me they weren’t a troll. As a step-parent of a child on the spectrum, it really disgusted me, so I framed my response to shame them as much as I could”.

Bowing down to the worldwide outrage, the parent deleted the post. However, it was too late to pour oil on troubled water. The fire of criticism had spread around the Reddit.

One person shared the screenshots and added a caption, “The stupid, it hurts” on Reddit’s ‘Murdered By Words’.

The caption managed to win support from the other Reddit users with more than 64,000 up votes.

Responding to the post, one user said, “It really boggles my mind how genuinely stupid some people can be”.

Many other Reddit users popped in to nudge the parent to eat their words and notions.