Parents Would Be Earning This Much Yearly If They Were Paid For Parenting While Staying At Home

We all know that parenting is a tough job and no one is a perfect parent. What we don’t realize is that the pain-in-the-ass job, if paid can help you earn a fortune. Want to know how much?

There is no tougher job that exists on the face of the earth other than being a parent. Unfortunately, it is equally an unappreciated job and nobody pays you for it. However, researchers at thought of putting end to this trend. They decided to quantify the effort of a parent and put a price tag of salary on this job.

The job of being a mom includes duties like educating, diet planning, housekeeping, emotional caretaking, event planning and more. People at thought of noting down the salary of each job role played by a mom. The quantified amount of this job annually would be $162,581. Shocking? That amount is equal to what an attorney or an internist earns.

Well, we still think that no amount of money can buy a mother’s love. But trying to recognize the efforts that go in all of it is all we need to let mothers know that they are our pillars. Professions like a doctor, negotiator, chauffeur, teacher, and therapist and at the same time being a safe place and a source of unconditional love and strength for their children are all found in one person.

Men have taken the courage, love, and strength of a mother for granted and to make them realize the worth of all of it, maybe it is a necessary step to acknowledge the tough role of a mother. Even after this, there is a truck load of work which we still need to do to bring equality at home. According to a research, young women work for more hours than the men in professional careers and they are still entitled to the lion’s share of the household duties, which to us seems unfair at all levels.

Every time we talk about equality, it is about the difference of wages at work, but no one talks about the difference of duties shared at home. So, the next time you bash the idea of the difference in wages calculate the time men spend on playing video games and the time women spend in the kitchen to pack your meals.