Plant Lover From Melbourne Converts Home Into An Indoor Rainforest

An architect’s love and care for plants puts us all to shame because of the lack of care for them in us. Jason Chongue from Melbourne created a beautiful rainforest inside his home with 400 individual plants. To say that he is into plants after this, wouldn’t make enough plants to build an indoor rainforest.

The 32-year-old guy from Melbourne turned his humble abode into an impressive and stunning plant collection or “jungle”. Jason told a source, “Filling my home with plants was an organic result of not having enough outdoor space to feed my gardening obsession. When you live in a dense urban community, outdoor space comes at a premium, so the answer was gardening indoors. There are so many indoor plants that can thrive in out indoor world”. For Jason his room with plants is very rich and gives its purpose of relaxation and reflection.

Jason continued by saying that his passion and infatuation with nature and greenery is from plants to pets. He has been obsessed with them. He would spend his days in gardens, growing and experimenting with everything he wanted to or got his hands on. He had, over the years explored a large variety of plant types and species. The collection has always grown and evolved. Some of the plants he has are from his childhood, some he added along way and some had been passed on to him.


‘My obsession with plants comes from my passion for greenery, and how plants can make the world of difference in our living spaces’ he further added. He also gave some tips for indoor planting that says; plan well; don’t be charmed by its initial look; know yourself as a gardener; be individual; and experiment. Jason said he spends around 30 minutes to one-hour gardening in the morning and then another hour after work tending to his plants. Further, he spends one to two hours once a week to get onto some more complicated details done.

The young architect, interior designer and a plant cultivator says that his indoor fantasyland helps him escape his daily urban life. In 2016, he put his passion for plants into business by the game The Plant Society-an online social network for gardeners, offering information on greenery and plants for sale. It is an online social network for like-minded plant enthusiasts to connect and share tips. He also wrote two books, Plant Society: Create an Indoor Oasis for Your Urban Space in 2018 and Green: Plants for Small Spaces, Indoors and Out in 2020.

Jason Chongue’s indoor wonderland is a beautiful place and incredibly impressive. There might not be enough room to socially distance, but still there will be plenty of well oxygenated air. Jason’s vision is where we want out future to be and the world to have the ‘well oxygenated’ air, he has in his home. He holds the perfect example of the phrase, “the work begins from home and right now” and we thank Jason Chongue for teaching us that.