Radio Station Has Started Christmas Festivities Months In Advance

We are almost at the end of the year and we haven’t really lived it fully due to the pandemic. There is still time for Christmas but one radio station has decided that it is already festive time. To cheer up people in this tough time, they have decided to start playing Christmas songs already!

For some, the arrival of Christmas paraphernalia is termed as the destruction of people’s mental health. In no time, the racks will be loaded with advent calendars, selection boxes and seasonal treats. Shops and houses will be decorated with glitters and Christmas lighting; films will be rolled the continuously throughout the day and needless to say, the children will start singing and the band will begin to play.

For most people it’s way too soon to play the Christmas playlist (which starts playing in November for some). Nevertheless, one radio station is ahead of time and is rocking’ around the Christmas tree.

Magic 100% Christmas was launched quite recently. It is basically a pop-up station from Bauer Media. During a conversation, Tony Moorey, Group Content Director at Magic Radio, informed his listeners that the company always tries to make progress in their contribution and matches the trend by setting up innovative new shows and stations. All this is done by keeping people’s needs and wants in mind.

He believes that music and Christmas are somehow connected and that’s why to help the people who are trying to find happiness and excitement during this hard time, the next development of the Magic brand had to be around the festivities of Christmas.

Ronan Keating, Magic Radio Breakfast presenter, further stated that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Everyone is trying to boost their morale and to help them to do so, the most appropriate thing clicked our mind was to start celebrating Christmas a few months earlier. He also said that working at Magic Radio was quite satisfying for him. He got a chance to maintain a network with the listener and do someone’s heart good. He was eager to introduce Magic 100% Christmas and rise up the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is still months away but one can feel its vibes. Let’s hope that this idea brightens up the rest of the year.