Stunning 3D Printed House With Amazing Interiors Takes Only 24 Hours To Build

We all have a house, big or small. How long do you think it took to build them? Common answers you’ll get are maybe a year, two or even more. But, why wait so long when Mighty Buildings can make your house in 24 hours. Yes, you heard it right.

Mighty Buildings is a technology-based construction company in Oakland, California. It uses 3D printing technology guaranteeing maximum safety. The buildings are erected according to the given design by dripping small synthetic droplets over each other. This is a green technology assuring picturesque and sustainable construction. It is a hassle-free construction idea proving maximum convenience to the customer. Besides all added benefits, the cost of production is 45% less. This makes it an ideal option.

The customized constructions are carried out using a 3D Printer. A 3D Printer uses plastic or metal rather than ink for printing. The constructed spaces are transferred using a crane from the heavy loaded trucks. They are placed in a vacant or allocated space. It is upon the customer to determine its purpose or use. This technology reduces the labor by 95% thus increasing efficiency and precision. Most of the work is done in the warehouse using the 20Ft 3D Printer. Some on site finishes are done by the team.

Mighty Buildings offers a wide range of facilities. Pre-determined packages and customizations are also available. The pricing starts at $100,000 for a studio sized apartment. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector, mini split HVAC system and LED lighting are amongst some of the energy efficient features available.

Traditional methods of construction are a time-consuming activity. Employing labor, getting the construction material and having a check all the time can be a cumbersome task. Mighty Buildings is a blessing in disguise for specially working individuals. The apt use of green technology is a beneficial feature. This evolution in traditional means of construction is bringing much needed advancements and facilities to consumers worldwide.