Teacher Adds Tricky Instructions To Homework To Ensure Students Read It Properly

Children never seem to be intrigued enough with homework and that could precisely be the reason why they usually choose not to pay much heed to it. This behavior certainly bothers their teacher’s though. So, this one teacher added peculiar instructions to homework to check whether the students read their home assignments carefully or not.

Considering the current scenario, teachers were bound to take classes online only. Hence this teacher, from Boston, US spoke about how smartly he makes sure that his students take his home assignments seriously. Aforementioned, students often do these home assignments just for the sake of it. They don’t yearn to learn from it, the majority of the students’ bent of mind is on how to get rid of the assigned work by teachers.

Subsequently, students landed up in trouble due to his trick. Eventually, it became a cakewalk for him to judge which of his students has read through home assignments thoroughly and which didn’t. He had asked his students to write things like ’tell Mr. J he smells bad in the chat’. As anticipated, they didn’t read it through and fell for his trap and blurted it out. He further spontaneously replied to it ‘that’s rude’ in the chat. In the end, he took a jibe at the student saying ‘Enjoy the detention’.


He made a video and posted this video of his, on his social media handle and captioned it as “When I am making study guides for my students, sometimes I like to keep them on their toes”. It left people amused. People found it to be hilarious, yet a productive effort. His video received somewhere around 400,000 likes and equivalent views. Many of them appreciated his wittiness.

A teacher commented on that video saying that even he had put a similar question in the exam, he asked about the favorite teacher and it was a multiple-choice question, in which every option had his name. Other’s commented it is effective to make sure they study. One woman said even does this too, it makes her work easier. Most of them requested him to post more such creative ideas. While the students might have found this trick scary, but it indeed impressed a lot of teachers out there.

It is really disheartening to see that children have lost their sincerity towards their mentors. We can never thank our teachers enough for their selfless efforts. Teachers always try their level best to add to their students’ individuality. The least we could do for them is that we can lend our ears to them. Even in these difficult times, every day they come prepared with their respective lectures online so that their students don’t suffer in terms of their education.