Tenants Mad At Landlord’s List Of House Rules That Treat Them Like Kids

The lodgers in the rented housings have been left shocked after discovering their landlord’s list of eight house rules. They described it as “patronizing beyond belief”.

Someone shared a picture of the piece of paper on Reddit with the title- “Simple House Rules”. The photo got hundreds of comments as others suggested that the residents should leave the house as soon as possible.

One of the residents clarified that their landlord does not live in the premises, but kept a hidden locked living room that was ‘his’ at the home, and stopped by on Saturdays to finish his admin work. The resident who uploaded the picture, captioned it as that they found their new landlord’s ‘Simple House Rules’ before he has given them out. All the residents were in their mid-20s or older.

The rules were as follows:

  1. No outdoor shoes allowed to be worn upstairs, just indoor shoes.
  2. Any lights which are not in use should be switched off. That is when downstairs cooking and the bedroom lights are left on.
  3. All glass bottles, jars, etc. should be kept outside in the small green bin.
  4. Always leave the kitchen as clean as it was before you used it. Clean thoroughly after use.
  5. ONLY change the heating controls, if the temperature drops to 18 degrees C or below. By pressing the heating’s button ONCE, to give an hour’s boost.
  6. No naked flames, to be left unattended. That is candles etc.
  7. NO HOT pots or pans to be placed on the kitchen work surfaces. Please use a metal stand for that purpose.
  8. Please shut the gate after entering and leaving the house.

The tenant added in the comments that in all sincerity they just found the rules unbelievably humiliating. He said that they were all grown-up and haven’t shown any absurd behavior. They all were ready to pay more to be put with actual professionals.

When one person replied to say that they didn’t think that the rules were terribly unreasonable, the residents replied that the rules made them feel like they were children. It was patronizing beyond belief. They don’t disagree with their landlord nor have anything against him other than the rules which he has made up for them during their stay.

The list left other readers equally bewildered. One of them joked that it seemed like they were renting off his father. He also added that he was surprised that the landlord didn’t add the rule of anyone coming in after midnight.

A second person let them know that he had lived in too many rented properties over the years, but luckily haven’t experienced anything like this. He advised them to get rid of the place and prepare themselves for arguments. It was wrong for someone to rent out a property but still treat it like it was their home.