This Letter Arrived 26 Years Later And There Is No Way To Find The Addressee

Letters have been a part of a long lost past. No one writes letters anymore and maybe it’s sad. This woman was taken 26 years in the past when a letter from 1993 appeared in her mailbox. The letter came from Hong Kong and it was not delivered to the wrong address.

Kim Draper, the woman who received the letter thought it must have been mixed up with some address. However, that wasn’t true. She said, “I first looked at it and I just thought it might be [for] one of my neighbors that I didn’t know, because it’s in such good condition. And then I really got to looking at it and reading it, and was like, ‘This is from 1993.’ It kind of blew me over.”

The letter was dated July 8, 1993, and it was meant for a home in Springfield, Illinois and Draper lived there. It was a postcard, which was addressed to Leena and Muhammad Ali Kizizlbash. The postcard had a picture of traditional Chinese boats.

The message on the card read, “I am having a good time in this extremely crowded place.” The sign off message read, “See you guys soon. Your Dad.”

Draper has been living in this house with her husband and a 12-year-old son from the last four years and this is the first time that they have received a letter addressed to such a couple.

The address on the card was right but the only thing was that it arrived 26 years late. Draper then thought she should find the couple and give them the postcard that was meant for them.

She tried to trace them back from the previous owners. They knew nothing about the couple so she continued and asked about the couple from the owner who owned the house before the previous owner. However, no such names came up in the online property tax property.

She found a woman named Leena Kizilbash on Facebook but couldn’t figure out if she was the one. She then interviewed with a local newspaper.

She said, “I was hoping that maybe if someone saw it in our local newspaper, maybe a family member, maybe they could reach out and let me know.”

A few readers tried to help but she got no solid way to trace back the couple. She doesn’t want to throw the mail and really wants to meet them.

Even her friends and coworkers helped her in the investigation. They are in search of the couple and are waiting to find out what is the secret behind a 26-year-old letter.

We’d like to find out too.