This Restaurant Menu Has “My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry” Section On Their Menu

Picking a place to eat and then deciding on what to eat are two of the most difficult tasks when going out with your partner (or friends!). If this isn’t enough of hard work, your partner tells you they are not hungry while you are browsing the menu. One restaurant has come up with a perfect solution for this!

We guess the “awkwardly” annoying feeling when others stare at our food despite admitting that they are not hungry is universal! What are we supposed to do? There is no right answer here.

When you get seated at the restaurant, you look for the menu and search for something that is perfect for your craving in that instant. Imagine the people accompanying you for the meal tell you that they are not hungry but later keep eyeing you while you savor your dish! Not cool, right?

This is not just you, people all around the world have found themselves in a similar situation quite a few times. Why can’t everyone just order their own food according to the status of their hunger? It is as easy as it sounds but still people don’t follow it.

Mama D’s Diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas has solved this problem with their “My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry” section in the menu. Such a witty move!


This option adds extra chips to their ordered meal with a choice between two chicken wings and three fried cheese sticks. You get this by paying $4.25.

People are expressing their views on this idea by the restaurant and they are all impressed! One person wrote, “Finally, a restaurant that knows exactly what they’re doing”.

Another comment on social media read, “Every restaurant should do this! Except, I need one that says ‘My girlfriend can’t make up her mind’ or ‘My girlfriend is also going to want some of my food’ because we both know I’m never NOT hungry.”

This is definitely hilarious but equally helpful. Now, you can enjoy your food without getting interrupted by some stares. Everyone has food to eat on their plates. The next time you hear, “I am not hungry” phrase from your partner, quickly place your order and add those fries and wings to it!

Restaurants are getting better at understanding people and their “food problems”!