This Vending Machine At School Is Giving Out Books And Students Could Not Be More Excited

Vending machines are definitely convenient (and fun!) to operate when you are in need of some packaged food. There are lots of these machines at every corner of the city where you live but this school decided to have one but with a twist of knowledge.

What do you expect a vending machine to give you? The usual packets of chips, bottles of soda, candies, and chocolates. But ever thought beyond these things in a vending machine? This elementary school in Umatilla, Florida did think out-of-the-box and installed a vending machine for the students that consisted of books and only books.

Distributing knowledge is one of the best things you can do and the ways of doing this are numerous. We are sure that you will be as impressed as us about the way this school is dispensing knowledge.

The vending machine was launched during the literacy week of the state and it wasn’t just a simple unveiling that happened. It was a whole event that involved singing and dancing. It was no less than a celebration and there was no reason for it to not be huge!

The Principal of the school, Dianne Dwyer, said that the whole idea proved to be successful when they saw the excitement on the faces of the children. The children could not wait until the reveal to get new books from the vending machine. They kept trying to buy books as soon as they came to know about it.

The whole idea is very thoughtful and the whole working that is decided upon is also really pensive. Apart from dropping knowledge, this machine encourages students to be good to all and study hard. Students are awarded “Bulldog Bucks” when their teachers see them being kind to all, making good decisions and also studying well.

These “Bulldog Bucks” are then replaced with coins by Susan Caldwell, who is the media specialist at school. The students can then use these coins at the vending machine to buy the book they wish to have. Isn’t this so great?

These “forever books” as they like to call it are priced at 50 cents which the students get as a reward for their good behavior. There is no particular theme of books available. There is a wide range inclusive of varied levels of reading skills.

This idea came to Caldwell when she saw a post regarding this by a school in Buffalo, New York. She was positively influenced and noticed that it is a great platform for encouraging students to read more.

She executed the idea in the best way possible and the books used in the vending machine are either purchased by the school itself or donated to the school. They want this machine to be permanent for the good of the students and are planning to approach local businesses in a hope to get some more books as a donation.

The concept of vending machines is taken to a great next level by such schools and we are very proud!