“Traditional Wife” Teaches Women How To Spoil Their Husbands

A woman named Alena Kate Pettitt loves to live as a traditional housewife. She has ditched the raging winds of economic independence of women around the world to seal some moments of love and care for her husband and son. She has also started a website and The Darling Academy to give household lessons and prepare ‘TradWife’ around the world.

The families are witnessing the transformation of the world of housewives with the one blooming with working women. The cries for sealing economic independence and equality for women have altered the world-wide scenarios to obliterate the gender lines. However, there are a few souls who invest their beliefs in the traditional system. One of them is a woman named Alena Kate Pettitt; enjoying her household to the full.

Alena had spent her childhood in a house that her mom ran single-handedly. She had seen her mom racing against time to win their livelihood and a better life. But her professional life absorbed her family life. Little Alena missed her mother’s presence at their home. The excruciating experience made her grab the salience of being a housewife. Her childhood retained the central part in her mind.

As time ticked away, she began to take the worldly lines of living. She followed her counterparts and secured economic independence. She was giving her individual best in her professional life as there was a little space for her family life. But then she met the love of her life. The pearls of love bloomed up. And she ended up getting married and falling in the family line.

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If I knew you were coming 🍰 Hello friends! I’ve had a lot of lovely new faces pop by The Darling Academy lately so I thought I’d do a little introduction post. I’m Alena, #TradWife, mother, author, blogger, & Traditional Housewife & lifestyle advocate. My family and I live in the Cotswolds, England – and when I’m done with housework I love to blog about homemaking and write a few chapters for my next book. Since 2016 I have written two books – Ladies Like Us, my personal testimony of how I raised my self-esteem and reclaimed my dreams of being a courageously feminine wife & mother – despite the life I was living. Think sex, drugs, and rock’n’ roll – it wasn’t pretty, and SO self-destructive. I’m a BIG believer that your past does NOT have to define you! My life changed very dramatically because of Jesus and I will be forever thankful for that. Last year I wrote another book called English Etiquette. This one was inspired by the community here, and all the questions people would ask about HOW to apply etiquette, traditional values, and grace to daily living. It doesn’t explain how to ‘be posh’, or detail table setting, but rather – how to set yourself apart from people who bring you down, and how to show love and respect to all. Despite appearances, I am not a perfect housewife (I hate to vacuum), but I do try, and I take my job very seriously – I believe it’s SO valuable and *just* as important as anything a woman does outside of the home. I love being a mother & wife, cooking, growing my own veg, and I’m obsessed with books. Home is my happy place. Small appliances, pearls & pretty dresses are my love language & I identify with Bridget Jones A LOT. We’re living in the suburbs but saving hard for a little cottage with land so I can keep chickens, and my husband can keep Alpacas (yup, a bit odd – I don’t know why either). 🐓 I’ve got a passion for vintage, the beautiful aesthetics of the 1950s, and creating an enchanting home for family & friends – but above all connecting with likeminded ladies. Housewives have had poor representation over the past few decades and it’s great to build this #ApronCladArmy side by side with YOU 👗 . 📸 Damien Mcfadden/The Sun

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The horrible experience of her childhood loomed large over her mind. She did not want her husband and son to live the life that she had lived. Thus, she went ahead to take a stringent stand. She decided to give up the work-life choice and live as a housewife. Her husband supported her stand. He took the economic charge of their home.

Hence, her day began to revolve around cleaning, washing, ironing et al. She grew accustomed to her 1959 life. Family love made way to the bubbles of joy in her life. She cherished “spoiling” her husband and festooned her household. She now lives the best phase of her life and fulfilling her in-born housewife instinct.

Taking her experience to a high level, she thought to disseminate the pearls of joy to other families as well. She has established The Darling Academy to train the rising housewives. To bridge the gap across the world, she set up a website to help them “spoil” their husband. Her teaching moves have helped her ignite the ‘#TradWife’ movement around the world. The ‘TradWife’ rebellion is now shaping a new vision of women empowerment.

According to her, feminism is a “choice” and not an obligation. She is striving to help her students to “keep the house and spoil their husbands like it’s 1959”. Her tutorials give detailed lectures on cleaning, washing, ironing, etc. Her rebellion against the modern world view is shaping new facets for the worldly souls. She does not have any problem in making ways for her counterparts to cherish the pearls of economic independence and livelihood. She does not look ahead to fight boys in the economic sphere.

Instead, she looks ahead to seal the place in the household sphere. Her household moves are making waves around the world.

The new facets of the household roles are bubbling up to open up an all-new sphere.