Woman Admitted To Daughter She Married Her Dad For Money

When we were children, it was difficult to conceive our parents as real people. It was the crazy thing that happened where we didn’t see all the complications they have as humans- they were just mom and dad. As we grew up, we were able to know the world lot better. The real life slowly manifest itself- sometimes it maybe good and sometimes it could blow out our mind by being completely opposite of what we have imagined.

Something like this happened with one of the teenager when her mother brought to light the reason behind the marriage with her father. The mother posted on social media that she has a seventeen year old daughter who was being difficult to handle recently. She was investing herself into social issues and does not stop even when her mother asks her to.

The mother further told the elaborated version of the conversation she had with her daughter. They were talking about relationships. That’s when the mom confessed that she didn’t love her father when she married him. She only married to him because he was rich. This really made her disappointed.

The mother didn’t expect this kind of reaction from her. She thought that her daughter might have a clue about the reason because there were many indications since her childhood. They have a 25 years age difference. They didn’t even have to know each other for a year before getting married. She has also heard about some serious fights they had from her family.

OP was amazed that her daughter was agitated by what she said. She was very furious at her. The mother didn’t think it was a big deal because she loved her husband now but for the daughter, it was awful and she set women aback.

Her anger reached to such high level, that she called names to her mother. Her husband eavesdropped and began scolding and even warned her that she would get grounded for using such words for her mother. But her mother was able to convince him to not to do that. She told that her daughter was still mad at her but not at her father for giving an ultimatum to her.

The father said that she should not have told her about all this, so she went on her social media to ask if she was wrong. Some of the people were against her. They said that the scenarios which she already knew were not sufficient to assume the real reason behind the marriage. No kid would want to hear such baseless reason from their parent. They agreed to her husband and bashed her for such a pathetic reason.

Some people supported her. They said that she was matured enough to know the truth. No one should judge her for marrying for money. She must have a valid reason for it.