Yorkshire Tea Customer Complaint Backfires Creating Hilarious Row on Twitter

English breakfast tea was a mongrel. When the tea traders needed to sell the last scraps of their various tea from around the world, they mixed them all together and sold them as a blend. Ultimately, it provided the inspiration for most of the black tea blends and was named as Yorkshire tea that is blended since 1886. But what happened that landed this brand into rough waters.

The official account for Yorkshire Tea found itself into an absurd situation when one customer tweeted on its page and haughtily asked,” Can you tell me which part of great Yorkshire you actually grow your tea leaves in that are used in great Yorkshire tea?”. He wanted to know where exactly in Yorkshire were the tea leaves grown. The service team of Yorkshire Tea replied to this weird question with a little of their own sarcasm. They said the massive hydroponic tea plantation is grown two miles beneath the surface of Dewsbury.

However, the person who asked going by the username @2spikywwefans did not settle it there and went on to tweet again questioning their credibility. The sarcasm did evidentially lose its charm. He pointed out that officially it is admitted on the Yorkshire Tea’s website that Yorkshire tea is solely grown overseas in rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

The company continuing with the sarcasm replied: “Oh no. You caught us red handed.” Then the person abruptly noted that basically the only thing Yorkshire tea is its name written on the package. Many people tweeted on this post and started putting allegations of false advertisement. It continued and was followed by abuse as “Yorkshire shitty tea “.

Twitter being a public forum left people posting similar ridiculous complaints. When this bizarre war of words broke out over the region, Yorkshire tea’s service team found it hilarious and somehow were made to manage and placate their dissatisfied customer. They retaliated by stating examples of other teas. The company tweeted: “English Breakfast tea isn’t grown in England either. We’re sorry to be the ones to break this to you.”

This angered the user and now he ranted: “then maybe you should state this fact on your advert instead of leading the public to believe there is actually something Yorkshire about ur (sic) fake tea.”

The company had no other choice than to end the conversation right there because the person was not ready to listen to any validation. The company tweeted: “We’re based here, we blend it here & we created it here for the water here. This conversation also ends here.” Although, the company did try to end the conversation there but the man did not stop.

The company finally had to resort to other people explaining it to the man because he was not ready to listen to them. They retweeted his last tweet stating: “This man is very cross about tea not growing in Yorkshire. Can someone please let him know that everything’s OK? He’s not listening to us.”

Thankfully the conversation ended here. The man eventually understood what he had done wrong and admitted his mistake. He got much hatred from the famous tea brand’s fans. He probably would be regretting his tweets now after the backlash.