Bride Brings ‘Money Man’ Instead Of Flower Girl And Leaves Guests In Stitches

A bride’s entrance is one of the emotional moments of a wedding where a little flower girl would be there by her side throwing petals to classical music. However, one couple decided to replace the flower girl with a ‘Money Man, and the upshot was actually more exciting than the traditional one.

Weddings in their traditional form always have the bride walking down the aisle with a flower girl when there’s everyone silently watching the entry. But not all the couples think of the usual rigmarole, some are more inclined to bring out some uniqueness which, in this case, is a ‘Money Man’ with a hip & hop entry music.

Jenny, a wedding planner shared the moments from the wedding on TikTok where a bearded man, instead of a flower girl, is walking before the bride and throwing dollars at the guests. Moreover, the song being played was Travis Porter’s ‘Make it Rain’ and he ended his walk while posing in front of the camera. The video was posted with the caption, “Who needs a flower girl when you have a money man!”


Although there’s isn’t any clue about the man’s relation to the bride but it was clear that he walked there with more confidence and comfort with all the guests watching the scene in complete amusement. For some of them, it was hilarious and jaw-dropping as well. Everyone was busy filming the scene and Jenny’s 33-second video has gone viral with more than 13 million views, 12,000 comments, and 2.5 million likes. The video was also shared on several social media platforms.

On the contrary, the commentators were astonished to notice that the guests in the wedding were present there with such calmness while dollars were flying around them. Many were still wondering if the money being thrown was real or fake. A person wrote: “This audience is too classy for me lol my bills would have been paid!” while the second commented that they would’ve been on the floor grabbing all of it. Another person commented: “Finally a reason to overcome my social anxiety and go to weddings!” Someone on TikTok wrote: “Proly less expensive than flowers to be honest” and Jenny reacted to it with a laughing emoji face.

However, not everyone seemed to be surprised and entertained with this idea as people had described it to be ‘classless’ and ‘tacky.’ Also, people good at estimating the budget joked that throwing cash at the guests would still be a lot cheaper than going for an expensive bouquet. In the end, the Las Vegas-based wedding planner confirmed in the comments section that the money being thrown during the bride’s entrance was indeed real. Now, this idea can become one of the ways to inculcate more inspirations which can be potentially cheaper and surprising at well.

Well, it’s not the first instance when a video like this has gone viral. Last year, a groom and his best men were discussing before saying “I do!” when the couple had to make vows.